IDA World Congress on Desalination & Water Reuse

Oct 20th, 2013Oct 25th, 2013


As the world struggles with numerous challenges that affect its ability to provide an adequate and safe water supply for its population and industries, the theme of the Congress – Desalination: A Promise for the Future – highlights the importance and potential of desalination as a sustainable and reliable source of water to meet present and future needs.

The IDA World Congress 2013 will be the premier plat­form to bring together experts from the entire spectrum of the desalination industry -- utilities, research­ers, academia, government and industry – to network and exchange ideas on desalination and its crucial role in solving the world’s water issues. The Congress will focus on a variety of topics such as desalination technology, environmental sustainability, plant operations and management, and governance and finance, with a focus on applied technologies and best practices.

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