Course: Understanding Water Chemistry for Practical Application

Mar 3rd, 2014Mar 4th, 2014
Madison, WI



A good understanding of water chemistry and its applications is an important asset for consultants, engineers, technical staff, and officials in water-related businesses and organizations. This course will help you to understand the fundamentals of water chemistry and microbiology and to use this knowledge for applications in your business or agency. The course will start with the basics of water chemistry and microbiology and proceed to current issues and applications in drinking water, wastewater treatment, groundwater, industry, rivers, lakes, and stormwater.


  • Introduction to Practical Water Chemistry
  • Terminology and Quantities
  • Acids, Bases, and Carbon Dioxide
  • Drinking Water Treatment Chemistry and Microbiology
  • Wastewater Treatment Chemistry and Microbiology
  • Chemistry in Rivers, Lakes, Stormwater, and Groundwater
  • Solubility and Precipitation
  • Corrosion and Oxidation/Reduction
  • Emerging Contaminants, Pharmaceuticals, Endocrine Disruptors
  • Phosphorus, Nutrients, Mercury, Copper, Lead, Manganese
  • Organic Chemicals, Pesticides
  • Case Studies, Applications, Practical guidance


  • Water and wastewater professionals
  • Consulting engineers
  • Plant managers and operators
  • Municipal engineers and managers
  • Industrial water users
  • Regulators
  • Public health professionals
  • Others interested in water chemistry and its applications


By participating in this course, you will earn 15 Professional Development Hours (PDH) and 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEU). Learn more about PDH, LU, CEU and state licensing boards.

General Information

Fee Covers Notebook and other course materials, break refreshments, lunches and certificate.

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