Surface Water Management 2014

Jun 18th, 2014Jun 18th, 2014


In association with the CIWEM UDG
SOAS, University of London, WC1H 0XG

Surface water run-off from impermeable surfaces in urban or built environments can be highly polluting and at the same time can increase the risk of local flooding.

The run-off may carry a mixture of polluting substances with the majority of these discharges receiving no treatment before entering rivers or streams leading to poor water quality and ecological damage.

The aim of this conference is to consider surface water management and urban diffuse pollution in equal measure. The event will consider surface water run-off as a whole taking into account the challenges associated with urban diffuse pollution as well as local flood risk issues including those related to groundwater.

The event will also address managing and building resilience to extreme flooding in urban areas.

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