Water-Tech Nigeria

Oct 20th, 2014Oct 22nd, 2014
Ekiti State

Website: http://www.watertechnigeria2014.com/

Nigeria is a country blessed with abundant water resources both in surface and underground water; hence many actors are playing their role in ensuring sustainable water access to all Nigerians.

Nevertheless, the role of different actors in the water industry is very critical to economic growth. In ensuring that water quality is improved and many of the infrastructures are managed properly, It is important for all stakeholders to have a common forum where policies are put into coherent action.

WATER-TECH NIGERIA is the hub for practitioners in the water sector where different actors in the water supply industry (Manufacturers, Contractors, Consultants, Drilling Professionals, Equipment Suppliers, Water supply Agencies and Development Partners) meet to discuss their roles in achieving common goal in the development of sustainable water infrastructures in Nigeria.

This year theme and speakers were carefully selected to meet up with the current trend in the water sector and elevate the status of Nigeria water system in the global map through synergistic approaches.

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