India Utility Knowledge and Networking (I-U-KAN)

Feb 13th, 2014Feb 13th, 2014
New Delhi


I-U-KAN (India Utility Knowledge and Networking Forum) is the first of its kind and unique multi-stakeholder and all-Utilities platform initiated by pManifold to reconstruct sustainability in the Indian Utilities.

I-U-KAN, since its inception last year, has grown into a much appreciated platform for the stakeholders of Indian Utility sector to share operational challenges and best practices adopted by utility operators. This has created a robust online and offline knowledge network and has ensured learning, across emerging business models in the utility space namely Power Distribution Franchisees and Water 24/7 models.

Unlike other peer conferences, our focus remains on “operational challenges and best practices” to help utility operators, vendors, DISCOMs, ULBs and all other stakeholders learn and make improvements in their areas including strategy, policy, contract, services and operations.

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