July 23 - IIoT, Microgrid, and Public Private partnerships - 3 Hot Topics in Water Today

Jul 23rd, 2019

The webcast was originally broadcast on July 23, 2019
and is now available for on demand


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Event Description:

Join water industry veterans Lukas Loeffler, Brian Cullen, Jeff Martin, Pete Taylor and David Lee as they discuss emerging trends in the Water Industry for this webcast sponsored by Schneider Electric.  Topics to include: 

  • Digitalization in the water industry, where are we today and what’s next?
  • Leveraging technology such as microgrid and analytics to improve resiliency in water.
  • Public Private Partnerships, how private equity can help rebuild aging infrastructure.

Presented by:

Lukas Loeffler
President Water & Wastewater Segment – Industry Business,
  Strategic Customers and Segments
Schneider Electric

Brian Cullen
President & CEO

Jeff Martin
Carollo Engineers/Vice President
Chief of EPIC® CSM/Marketing

David Lee
Water & Wastewater Segment Leader
Schneider Electric

Pete Taylor
Carlyle Global Infrastructure Opportunity Fund ("CGI")

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