Source Water Monitoring and Controlled Raw Water Withdrawal

Lakes and impounded surface waters provide distinct challenges for drinking water treatment facilities. Algae, Taste and Odor and Iron and Manganese can lead to significant negative public relations outcomes. Turbidity spikes and swings can result in requirements for large and potentially inefficient chemical usage. Effectively dealing with these types of surface water challenges places increased stress on operating staff and results in high operating costs but also often leads to capital improvement planning decisions to upgrade water treatment infrastructure in response. And at the core of the drivers to spend more on chemicals and more capital on treatment is the desire to manage the incalculable public relations risks associated with poor treatment outcomes at the tap. There is significant value in having source water management and raw water pretreatment tools designed to permit, in real time, operator understanding and control of the water quality drawn into the treatment plant influent. This paper addresses one such tool which is providing important reservoir water quality characteristics, reduced cost of treatment and risk management information for surface water users and treatment plant operators.

This white paper is sponsored by Ixom.