Online reverse osmosis certification program launched

The International Desalination Association announced it will launch the Desalination Academy Reverse Osmosis Certification Program.

TOPSFIELD, MA, Jan. 24, 2013 -- The International Desalination Association (IDA) announces a collaboration agreement with David H. Paul, Inc, (DHP) to launch the IDA Desalination Academy Reverse Osmosis Certification (IROC) Program.

IROC is a 24 credit, 675 hour Internet-based training program that includes both knowledge-based and hands-on proficiency certification. The training and testing will be conducted online, bringing easy access to advanced desalination training for professionals around the globe. The program may be entered at any time and is self-paced with the exception that participants must complete the 24 credits within a year from their entry date.

“IDA is very pleased to announce this strategic alliance with DHP, a recognized leader in advanced water treatment training programs for 25 years. Not only does it enhance the range of courses offered by the IDA Desalination Academy, it also adds an important online learning component to our curriculum -- one that benefits both the participant and the organization he or she represents,” said Leon Awerbuch, Interim Dean of the IDA Desalination Academy.

“A big problem in the water treatment industry is there are not enough highly trained people to fill the ever increasing need. Advanced water treatment is growing rapidly around the world, and water treatment professionals in every industry need in-depth training. Our mission is to change people’s lives, one at a time, and to improve human life through improving water treatment. Our collaboration with the IDADesalinationAcademy will help us achieve that goal,” saidDavid Paul, President of DHP.

The IROC training program covers:

1. The theory, process and equipment of membrane water treatment systems

2. The most common water treatment schemes used for drinking water, power generation, pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor and other applications

3. Understanding different feed water

4. Pretreatment technologies required to protect reverse osmosis and nanofiltration units including microfiltration and ultrafiltration

5. Basic hand tools, equipment, chemical injections, safety and troubleshooting of water treatment systems

6. Piping and instrumentation diagrams

7. Pumps, valves, gauges and meters

8. Fundamental monitoring and troubleshooting skills required to effectively operate and maintain a membrane water treatment system

“Earning the certificate of completion in this program demonstrates advanced training and skills, enhancing the individual’s value to his or her company. From the company’s perspective, certification of its staff members reflects a commitment to high standards and expectations. In addition, well-trained operators, technicians, engineers, sales people and supervisors have proven to save facilities a tremendous amount of money,” said Paul.

“Ultimately, we want IDADesalinationAcademy course participants to think of themselves as inventors of new solutions that will solve next generation water projects. We want them to be inspired during the training so that, in addition to acquiring substantive technical information, they will be motivated to continue their professional growth, contribute to the industry, and excel,” Awerbuch added.

The IDADesalinationAcademy is a global institute for specialized training in desalination and a higher school for special study in this field. Its mission is to provide the highest level of training, education and instruction to individuals, utilities, companies, institutions, universities and other organizations interested in desalination in all its aspects.

For more information about the IROC program and other IDA Desalination Academy courses, please visit or contact Karen Zilinek at +1-978-887-0410 or by email at

About David H. Paul, Inc.

David H. Paul, Inc. (DHP) is a world-leading, full service high-tech water treatment training and consulting company. Since 1988, DHP has trained over 17,000 water treatment professionals worldwide and was the first to introduce an "Associates of Applied Science" degree for high-tech water treatment. The company offers an array of training programs and provides technical consulting to facilities around the world.

About IDA

The International Desalination Association ( is a non-profit association that serves more than 2,400 core members in 60 countries and reaches an additional 4,000 affiliate members. Its membership comprises scientists, end-users, engineers, consultants and researchers from governments, corporations and academia. IDA is associated with the United Nations as part of a growing international network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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