Layne Christensen announces new water transfer business in Permian Basin

Layne Christensen Company announced the launch of its water transfer business within the Layne Energy Services Division in the Permian Basin.

MISSION WOODS, KS, May 8, 2013 -- Layne Christensen Company (Nasdaq:LAYN) today announced the launch of the water transfer business within the Layne Energy Services Division. Layne is currently providing these services for its clients operating in the Permian Basin.

Layne's Energy Services Division will provide solutions to manage every phase of the water cycle relating to the oil & gas industry (conventional and unconventional), with focuses of hydrogeological investigation and sourcing; transfer; storage; treatment; and well testing.

The transfer business transmits water from point-to-point using a variety of piping, containment, and management techniques that are efficient, cost-effective and eliminate the need for trucking.

About Layne Christensen Company

Layne is a global water management, construction and drilling company, providing responsible solutions to the world of essential natural resources -- water, mineral and energy. We offer innovative, sustainable products and services with an enduring commitment to safety, excellence, and integrity.


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