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Hach Company announces the new PHOSPHAXTM sc Phosphate Analyzer with detection limits as low as 0.05 mg/L and as high as 50-mg/L phosphate...

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Phosphate analyzer

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Hach Company announces the new PHOSPHAXTM sc Phosphate Analyzer with detection limits as low as 0.05 mg/L and as high as 50-mg/L phosphate for a variety of wastewater applications. Quick response is vital for optimal operation and this analyzer offers a fast response time of only 5 minutes, including sample preparation and the ability to choose the measurement interval. Hach Company, Loveland, CO, 800-227-4224,

Stormwater filtration

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BaySaver Technologies launches its new BayFilter stormwater filtration system. After nearly a decade of research and development, the new multi-layered underground sand filtration system removes very fine sediment and nutrient pollutants from stormwater runoff at a flow rate of 30 gpm per cartridge - nearly twice that of other filter cartridges in the stormwater industry. With 43 square feet of surface area per cartridge, it removes over 80% TSS (d50=23.2 microns) and greater than 50% of total phosphorous including dissolved phosphorus. BaySaver Technologies Inc., Mount Airy, MD, 800-229-7283,

Distribution automation

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Natis’ new line of distribution automation devices enables utilities to increase efficiency, minimize outages and increase reliability. It includes complete packages for a variety of submersible and above ground applications. The Universal Intelligence Module features automation and communications capabilities across a range of devices in the water distribution system (pumps, valves, sensors, etc.) Processing capabilities enable high volume data sampling for accurate real-time analysis and ability to spot trends to avert outages. Natis, Morgan Hill, CA, 408-779-9883,

Sludge bioreactor

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The FlooBed® bioreactor is a Suspended Carrier Biofilm Process (SCBP) that’s reliable and easy to operate for sludge reduction, particularly in pulp & paper applications. Developed especially for industrial effluent treatment, it tolerates higher variations in water quality and flow and still maintains its high treatment efficiency compared to conventional methods. It’s used to significantly increase the capacity of activated sludge systems but is also suitable for covering the total effluent treatment of a mill. Eimco Water Technologies, a unit of Groupe Laperrière & Verreault Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, 801-526-2113,

Continuous weigh feeders

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Metalfab Inc.’s “Better-Weigh®” Continuous Feeders offer gravimetric feed of dry bulk materials where it’s necessary to determine actual feed rates on a loss-of-weight basis. Available in seven models at 1 to 550 cu. ft./hr. (larger sizes available), they’re designed to provide feeding in either batch or continuous mode depending on the feeder’s control electronics. Accuracies of +0.25% to 0.50% are easily achievable. Standard features include a platform or lever balance scale, sealed tactile keyboard, 7 digit numerical keyboard, automatic manual batching, and 2 or 5 cu. ft. hopper. Metalfab Inc., Vernon, NJ, 800-764-2999,

Stainless steel strainers

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Miller-Leaman’s patented stainless steel Thompson Strainers are designed to remove sand, sediment and debris from water and wastewater piping systems after the piping has been installed or maintenance performed. They utilize a conical screen element combined with dynamic flow patterns, allowing particles to gravitate downward, away from the screen, into a reservoir at the base. Particles are flushed from the reservoir via a 1½” debris flush port. Miller-Leaman Inc., Daytona Beach, FL, 800-881-0320,

Multi-variable level sensor

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At the heart of a new high-accuracy, level measurement system from AMETEK Automation & Process Technologies, is the 7230 Series HT Digital Probe - a versatile, multi-variable level sensor that provides total level, interface level and up to five temperature readings and a diagnostic function. This sensor was designed to provide a single sensor for measuring multiple layers of oil products and gas condensates, including water layers, making it ideal for oil & gas pipeline applications. AMETEK Automation & Process Technologies, Clawson, MI, 800-635-0289,

Stormwater biodegradation

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Bioscience has introduced a new product to absorb and treat surface and particulate oil in stormwater runoff contained in overflow impoundments and treatment units. The Microcat® BioBag consists of a yard-square oil-permeable bag containing an environmentally safe oil absorbent and selected naturally occurring microbes capable of degrading the absorbed oil. The 4-inch-thick, 10-lb. bag floats on the surface, absorbs the oil, reduces oily sheen and lowers the oil content of contained runoff water to a level that permits its disposal as non-hazardous waste. Bioscience Inc., Bethlehem, PA, 800-627-3069,

Handheld water analyzer

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WaterPOINT 870 is the fastest water tester ever developed. It provides 14 critical measurements in just four minutes, giving you a complete picture of your water and allowing you to conduct more tests at more sites to better safeguard your community’s water and its water system. Traditional water testing currently involves sample testing in a lab with a 24-48 hour turnaround time. With this unit, samples can be tested in the field and uploaded to a central computer within minutes via wireless for further lab analysis. Sensicore, Ann Arbor, MI, 877-528-6333,

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