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Orival Inc. now provides complete water filtration systems designed for specific municipal and industrial applications to enhance water reuse options.

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Self-cleaning filters

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Orival Inc. now provides complete water filtration systems designed for specific municipal and industrial applications to enhance water reuse options. These systems include filters, manifold, valves and control. ORIVAL® ORG and OR Series of automatic self-cleaning filters are designed to withstand day-in and day-out rigors of POTWs. A range of filters are available from ¾"-24" and 5 µm-3,000 µm. Many demonstrate low pressure losses, occupy minimal footprint, use only a few gallons of water for cleaning and need no electrical power to operate their cleaning mechanism; thus requiring less energy than conventional treatment methods without sacrificing performance and dependability. Orival Inc., Englewood, NJ, 800-567-6797, www.orival.com

Industrial water catalog

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The Hach 2008 Industrial Water Catalog contains 192 pages of over 100 new products, boiler/cooling water and wastewater application information, and an expanded laboratory supply section to support industrial professionals involved with laboratory, field and on-line water analysis. New offerings include the Hach LBOD IntelliCAL™ probe and HQd 40d meter that deliver simple, quick DO measurement and reporting with a no-membrane technology. The Hach Co., Loveland, CO, 866-450-4248, www.hach.com/catreq

Enterprise management

Water distribution data acquisition specialist Telog Instruments unveiled Telogers Enterprise 4.0, the latest version of its data collection and information system for the wastewater management industry. The new release features improved time zone data management for engineering firms and other Enterprise users who host and analyze data for customers in different time zones using the same database. The software now also offers lift station algorithm, allowing users to monitor their lift stations effectively and find trouble spots before they become flood events. Telog Instruments, Victor, NY, 585-742-3000, www.telog.com

High velocity flow switch

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Process and plant engineers looking for a rugged flow switch with a wide flow range, superior accuracy and the industry's fastest response time in its class will find the NuTec™ FS2000H Flow Switch from FCI ideal for performance and economy in demanding municipal and industrial process wastewater treatment applications. It provides precise, rapid control in liquids, slurries, gas and air streams. Applications include water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, power/energy, chemical processing, mining/milling, pulp/paper and more. Fluid Components International Inc., San Marcos, CA, 800-863-8703, www.fluidcomponents.com

Wireless remote monitor

The Sensaphone® 2800 is its first remote monitoring system fully equipped with wireless sensing capabilities for water and wastewater facility operators. It's a stand-alone remote monitor and alarm notification system requiring no monthly fees. With four wireless and eight total external inputs, it helps protect equipment and facilities by alerting owners, facility managers, building supervisors, and others to changes in critical environmental conditions. Sensaphone, Aston, PA, 877-373-2700, www.sensaphone.com

Submerged membrane module

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The retrofitable PURON™ module for membrane bioreactor (MBR) applications features an improved submerged membrane module with greater packing density, lower energy costs for aeration, and simplified installation, while providing even greater compatibility with other commercially available systems. Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Wilmington, MA, 888-677-5624, www.kochmembrane.com

Sludge handling

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The Moyno® 2000 HS System is a cost-effective alternative to expensive, high-maintenance piston pumps and open conveyors for dewatered sludge transfer in municipal wastewater treatment. It features an integral hopper with a twin-screw auger feeder and Moyno G4 progressing cavity pump that efficiently handles semi-dry, high solids, dewatered municipal sludge to over 50% solids. Moyno Inc., A Unit of Robbins & Myers, Springfield, OH, 877-486-6966, www.moyno.com

Metal magmeter

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GF Piping Systems has added to its proven Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter family with the new Model 2552-3. A rugged insertion flow sensor that permits hot-tap access to the pipe stream, the lightweight extended configuration of this model can be mounted into a broad range of pipe sizes from 2-102 inches (DN50 to DN2550). The patented design offers outstanding performance characteristics. GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA, 800-854-4090, www.gfpiping.com

Datalogging level transducers

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Pressure Systems, maker of KPS™ level and pressure transducers, now offers its waterMONITOR submersible datalogging level transducer with an optional ETFE jacketed cable for increased durability and corrosion and chemical resistance in liquid level monitoring applications. This enables the unit to excel in liquid level applications by eliminating concerns of cross-contamination or cable damage. These include portable ground and surface water, open channel level measurement, down hole, well, lake, stream and reservoir level monitoring and watershed management. Pressure Systems, Hampton, VA, 800-328-3665, www.pressuresystems.com

Variable frequency drives

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Danfoss Drives VLT® Series variable frequency drives (VFDs) are now available with power through 1350 hp in 460 and 690 VAC. F1 frame models deliver power up to 1050 hp in an 86.8" x 55.1" x 23.9" footprint, while F2 frame models deliver up to 1350 hp in an 86.8" x 71.0" x 23.9" footprint. Sharing a common platform with smaller Danfoss drives, components are accessible from the front for quick, easy serviceability and maintenance. Danfoss Drives, Milwaukee, WI, 800-621-8806, www.danfossdrives.com

Clamp-on flowmeter

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The Optisonic 6300 is a new time-of-flight clamp-on flowmeter for liquid applications. It has an extended temperature range (23-392°F) and line size range (½" to 160"), as well as numerous installation and product operation enhancements. The graphical display allows signal quality to be shown in real time during the set–up of the sensors, and allows technicians to optimize flowmeter performance while maximizing measurement accuracy. Multiple sensors may be combined with a UFC 300 electronic signal converter for greater flexibility. Its sensors can accommodate an area of DN 4000/160". Krohne Inc., Peabody, MA, 800-356-9464, www.krohne.com/northamerica

Bulkhead fittings

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The new line of BFA Series industrial bulkhead fittings from Hayward Flow Control Systems, a division of Hayward Industrial Products, are designed to allow safe, quick pipe connections to plastic or metal tanks. They come standard with heavy duty, full buttress left hand threads to prevent leaks under pressure. The fittings are molded 1" longer than previous versions for use with thicker or double wall tanks and with a heavy wall thickness to withstand most abuse, rated to 150 PSI, have EPDM or FPM gasket seals, and feature a hex body for one person installation. Hayward Flow Control Systems, Clemmons, NC, 888-429-4635, www.haywardflowcontrol.com

Temperature transmitters

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ABB Instrumentation introduces a new generation of smart HART temperature transmitters. The TTH300 (head mounted) and TTF300 (field mounted) transmitters offer user friendly sensor calibration and innovative backup redundancy for two Platinum 100 resistance thermometers with 3-wire connections. Inputs include resistance thermometers and thermocouples, resistance type transmitters, and millivolt voltage transmitters. ABB Instrumentation, Warminster, PA, 215-674-6580, www.abb.us/instrumentation

Coriolis flowmeter

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Emerson introduces the highest flow capacity and largest Micro Motion® ELITE® Coriolis flowmeter – for applications requiring 8" (DIN 200) or 10" (DIN250) process connections. It's ideally suited to address the demands of fiscal custody transfer applications, particularly in the oil & gas market that typically require high capacity flow solutions capable of handling large volumes of product flow in the shortest time possible. Micro Motion, An Emerson Process Management Division, Boulder, CO, 800-522-6277, www.emersonprocess.com/micromotion

EDI-membrane module

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With Septron Bio-Safe, Christ now offers the world's first electrodeionization (EDI) module with an integrated membrane stage. It's based on spiral-wound technology and has an additional membrane stage for removal of particles and bacteria. The EDI module is available in a cold-water version and a version which can be sanitized with hot water. Both versions are available in various sizes with outputs of 500 to 3,000 L/h. The combination of this module with a preceding RO stage makes it possible – without additional ultrafiltration – to produce highly purified water (HPW) with bacterial counts of =10 CFU/100 ml. Christ Water Technology Americas LLC, New Britain, CT, 860-223-0623, www.christwater-americas.com

Magnetic meter

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The evoQ4 magmeter is the latest addition to the evolution™ line of highly innovative, solution-driven products developed for the water utility industry by Elster AMCO Water. It brings pioneering technology to the commercial water metering market by delivering the functionality of four traditional commercial meters – compounds, turbines, single jets, and magmeters. It's designed for applications that require a meter to accurately measure water over a wide flow range in any number of conditions and applications. This is accomplished in part by a high resolution 0.5 second sampling rate. Elster AMCO Water Inc., Ocala, FL, 352-369-6501, www.elsterevolution.com

Gas/liquid separators

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A new full-color product guide from Eaton Filtration details how gas/liquid separators remove potential damage-causing moisture and particulate matter from steam, compressed air, and compressed gas lines to protect turbines, heat exchangers, and other expensive equipment and system components. This guide, downloadable from the company website, showcases through informative cut-away illustrations how Eaton's Vortex Containment Plate works to improve separator efficiency. Eaton Filtration, Islin, NJ, 800-859-9212, www.filtration.eaton.com

UV disinfection

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Aquionics' USEPA and German DVGW validated medium pressure UV reactor is the first closed vessel medium pressure UV system in the world to successfully complete approval in accordance with the NWRI standard for the re-use of wastewater. Aquionics Inc., Erlanger, KY, 859-341-0710, www.aquionics.com

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