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A compilation of print and digital information resources for the industrial water market.

Assured Ebook

Automated valves

Assured Automation has published an eBook titled Automated Valves: Optimization of Process Control and Profits. The eBook is a compilation of educational articles written by process engineering expert Günter Öxler. The book provides useful guidance for engineers who are designing for efficiency and cost-containment. Sample topics include Process control valve operation under power shut-down / black-out conditions; How to design process valves with adjustable speed control for the opening and closing sequence; and How to operate valves absolutely fail-safe without a power supply or control system.Assured Automation

Flow products

Abb BrochureABB's Measurement Products' business announces the availability of a full-color, 36-page brochure, Flow Measurement Solutions, that covers a wide range of flow measurement products. Discussed is a common HMI (Human Machine Interface) platform that enables users to easily configure, integrate and maintain ABB flow products. A one-page grid indicates the applicability of the company's electromagnetic, vortex/swirl, thermal mass, Coriolis mass, variable area, and differential pressure flowmeters and flow computers to a variety of liquid, gas, and steam services.
ABB Measurement Products

Sealing systems

The Garlock family of companies' website now features improved functionality and faster, easier access to information. While detailed product information is still provided, the focus of the site has shifted to industries served, including sealing solutions for typical applications in aerospace, chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, pharmaceutical processing, primary metals production and pulp and paper.
Garlock Family of Companies

Liquid analysis

Krohne 2012 Analysis OverviKrohne has released a new overview brochure for liquid analysis. The brochure, Analysis Product Overview, provides an overview of the company's line of analysis products from sensors to complete dedicated solutions for various industries. Easy to read charts help customers choose the right instruments for their application, including drinking water, power plant (cooling water and boiler feed water), food and beverage (steam generation), water or wastewater treatment (municipal or industrial), or sludge treatment.
Krohne Inc.

TOC monitoring

Mettler Toledo Process Analytics Division has published a white paper entitled "Improving Water System Performance - Continuous Real-Time TOC Measurements." This paper discusses the importance of rapid, continuous and reliable TOC (total organic carbon) measurement and control for critical water release in pharmaceutical manufacturing. A Real Time Release, continuous flow TOC sensor provides rapid response in real time to respond to and divert contaminated water, ensuring end users are receiving good quality water for production.
Mettler Toledo Thornton

Flow meters

Niagara OverviewNiagara Meters offers a new Overview Brochure which describes its line of flow meters for industrial applications including liquid, gas and steam. The product family includes Positive Displacement, Turbine, Magnetic, Forcemeter™, as well as Ultrasonic flow meters. The brochure is 12 pages of full color and specifications.
Niagara Meters

Monitoring products

Fcs WebsiteFluid Conservation Systems' new website offers extensive information on the company's line of water management and wireless monitoring products. The site includes detailed information on water leak detection and every product in the company's inventory. Customers can browse products available through FCS from its sister companies, including Palmer Environmental leak detection, Radcom Technologies data recording and analysis products, and Radio-Tech wireless monitoring and AMR equipment.
Fluid Conservation Systems Inc.

Oil, water analysis

A White Paper entitled, "Will Your Oil in Water Analysis Method Match the Regulatory Method?" was recently published by Wilks Enterprise. The paper discusses a number of factors that need to be considered when comparing oil and grease in water methods. These include methods that may measure different properties of oil, precision and bias statements for each oil in water method, operator errors, obtaining grab samples, and sample disparities.
Wilks Enterprise Inc.

Water reuse

Mettler White PaperMettler-Toledo has published a white paper entitled "Measurement, Control & Improvement in Reclaim/Recycle/Reuse for Microelectronics." The paper addresses the challenges of monitoring and controlling ultrapure water used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to save cost and ensure optimal water consumption and reclaim/reuse. The company the sensors and transmitters for analytical measurements in ultrapure water - resistivity/conductivity, TOC, temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen - to enable measurement and continuous control while working to increase the volume of water reclaimed for other uses, thus reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
Mettler-Toledo Thornton Inc.

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