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OxyTrak™ 411 is the first in-situ flue gas oxygen analyzer that is self-calibrating and requires no reference air.

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Flue gas analyzer

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OxyTrak™ 411 is the first in-situ flue gas oxygen analyzer that is self-calibrating and requires no reference air. Its innovative sealed reference design eliminates routine calibrations and the need to supply an external reference gas, greatly reducing cost of ownership. It accurately measures oxygen content in even the most corrosive flue gases. GE Sensing, Billerica,MA, 800-833-9438,

Liquid flow switch

Innovative Waters introduces the MakesSensor™ liquid flow switch for cooling towers and process water treatment. Using thermal mass microelectronics, the switch has no moving parts and features an LED flow indicator. Models retrofit into major controller manifolds without re-plumbing. It’s the reliable alternative to failure-prone mechanical flow switches. Innovative Waters LLC, Madison, WI, 888-455-6641,

Selective gas measurement

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New Orbisphere electrochemical sensors for selective gas measurement can now be matched with instrumentation. The Orbisphere 510, providing data storage of up to 10,000 measurements and 1,000 last user actions (and last 50 calibrations), offers powerful, practical instrumentation solutions for oxygen, ozone and hydrogen measurement in industrial environments. The Orbisphere 410, with data storage of up to 1,000 measurements and 1,000 last user actions (and last 10 calibrations), offers solutions for oxygen and ozone measurement. Hach Ultra Analytics, Grants Pass, OR, 541-472-6500,

Offshore pumps

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Godwin Pumps offers pump and pumping equipment for temporary and long-term use in offshore drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. Specifically, the Godwin Dri-Prime® - an automatic, self-priming centrifugal pump available from 2”-16” - has been used in applications for offshore, coastal and inland emergency response; cleanup; remediation; marine fire and salvage; plus in oil & gas industry applications such as tank and API separator cleaning; water supply for fire service, and process and stormwater bypass pumping. Godwin Pumps of America Inc., Bridgeport, NJ, 856-467-3636,

Peristaltic tube failure

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Blue-White announced the company has been issued a patent for its exclusive Tube Failure Detection (TFD) System. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued the patent, No.7, 001,153, on Feb. 21. The TFD System is breakthrough technology for peristaltic metering pumps. The TFD System will detect a wide range of chemicals and this exclusive technology was designed to disregard pump compatible fluids. If a non compatible fluid is detected, the pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay or switch, permitting communication with external equipment, such as a back-up pump, an alarm or a SCADA System. Blue-White is the only peristaltic metering pump manufacturer to add this kind of safety feature to its pumps. Blue-White Industries, Huntington Beach, CA, 714-893-8529,

Data acquisition/logging

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The new MW100 data acquisition/data logger system combines intelligent, built-in data storage for standalone applications with web-enabled Ethernet connectivity to share real-time trend monitoring using a web browser. Designed for harsh industrial environments, it can withstand temperature extremes and high vibration, with high levels of noise immunity and channel-to-channel input isolation. It’s scalable from 10 to 60 universal inputs on a single chassis with scan speeds up to 10mS, and includes Ethernet with FTP and MODBUS TCP protocols, web trending and configuration, and email messaging functions. Yokogawa Corp. of America, Newnan, GA, 800-258-2552,

Bag filter housing

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Bag filter users no longer need be concerned about installing a filter when the housing cover cannot be opened because of an overlooked or nearby obstruction. The lightweight, heavy-duty Flowline™ filter housing from Eaton features a cover that can be field-oriented to open and close in four different directions with ordinary hand tools. This design also reduces installation costs because expensive changes to the piping system don’t have to be made to avoid obstacles. Eaton Filtration LLC, Elizabeth, NJ, 908-787-1000,

Membrane design software

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Hydranautics’ IMSDesign 2006 allows membrane industry professionals to create integrated membrane solution designs for exacting applications using the Nitto Denko company’s RO and UF membranes. It’s one of two free Hydranautics software programs, the other being ROdataXL, which is a normalization program that tracks performance of any RO system to assure optimum performance. New features on the latest IMSDesign version enhance the user’s ability to design seawater desalination and brackish water systems for high boron rejection, pH adjustment, and an ability to design a split partial two-pass seawater system. Also new for 2006, IMSDesign provides data in English, Spanish and Arabic. Hydranautics, Oceanside, CA, 800-272-7873,

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