Aberdeen Proving Ground picks Evoqua for laboratory water systems service contract

The contract includes ongoing service checks, calibrations, and spare parts replacement.

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PITTSBURGH & ABERDEEN, MD, NOVEMEBR 17, 2016 -- Evoqua Water Technologies announced today it has been awarded a contract to provide maintenance services for more than 50 EMD Millipore laboratory benchtop water purification systems at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground laboratories in Aberdeen, Maryland. Evoqua will provide ongoing maintenance services to ensure the facility’s stringent need for high-quality water is met. The contract includes ongoing service checks, calibrations, and spare parts replacement.

The Aberdeen Proving Ground, the US Army’s longest operating proving ground, is one of the Army’s most important research, training and testing locations. All tanks and wheeled vehicles from the past 50 years have been tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground. The proving ground employs more than 7,500 civilians and 5,000 military personnel. The Aberdeen Proving Ground chose Evoqua as their service supplier after a competitive evaluation to find a service provider with the best combination of cost, quick service response, depth of technical support, and proven performance.

Evoqua is a long-time supplier to the United States Army and the Department of Defense. Evoqua provides service for their own manufactured equipment systems but can provide service for any make and model of equipment. Rodney Aulick, Industrial Division President for Evoqua said; “We strive to be the most responsive, most knowledgeable, and provide the highest levels of service anywhere in the industry and it is this level of confidence that led Aberdeen Proving Ground to select Evoqua as a partner.”

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