Clean Chemistry announces new field office, hiring in Texas

Chemical technology sees significant growth in upstream oil & gas industry.

Chemical technology sees significant growth in upstream oil & gas industry. Photo: Clean Chemistry.
Chemical technology sees significant growth in upstream oil & gas industry. Photo: Clean Chemistry.

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TEXAS, JUNE 6, 2017- -- Clean Chemistry, answering strong demand for PeroxyMAX, its leading patented water treatment chemistry, today announced plans to expand in Texas by opening its second field office in Odessa. Clean Chemistry's PeroxyMAX technology is a safe, effective solution for the treatment of fresh and produced water for completions and is quickly taking market share from more dangerous and corrosive alternatives such as chlorine dioxide. PeroxyMAX enables separations in recovered fluids, floating oil and dropping solids. As source and production waters get more variable and harder to treat, the first generation of water treatment technologies have proven to be expensive while falling short on performance. Water treatment is all about the process and PeroxyMAX enables a more efficient, low cost process for customers to achieve their re-use objectives.

Water management is a top input cost when completing new oil and gas wells and a significant line item during production. With tighter economics in the oil patch, the oil and gas industry is seeking this exact type of re-use solution which mitigates the high costs associated with sourcing fresh water, disposing of produced and ultimately lessens the overall environmental impact of production.

"We've been active in the Permian for a couple of years but we now need a bigger presence to support the accelerated demand for PeroxyMAX and our innovative approach to water management. PeroxyMAX enables better treatment without explosive chemicals or big fancy trailers but we also are the first to provide this level of quality assurance with automated dosing based on water quality parameters and customer dashboards with real-time, on-line performance data," said Damon Waters, CEO, Clean Chemistry. "As we continue to expand our presence in West Texas, we look forward to helping more customers improve water treatment practices while enhancing the safety of their employees and the local environment."

About Clean Chemistry
Founded in 2012, Clean Chemistry is a chemical technology company based in Boulder, Colorado with offices and clients around the country. Their innovative, user-friendly PeroxyMAX solution is one of a family of chemistries utilizing Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to outperform hazardous and outdated chlorine-based solutions in upstream oil & gas, pulp & paper, cooling towers, food & beverage, medical, and other industries. Their commercial field systems are unparalleled in tunability, relying on smart chemistry to provide cleaner, safer, cost-effective water management.

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