Select Energy, X-Chem/Terra form strategic partnership for oilfield water management

Select Energy Services has announced a strategic partnership with X-Chem/Terra, a premier oilfield wastewater treatment and recycling company.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Nov. 12, 2014 -- On Wednesday, Nov. 5, Select Energy Services (Select), a water solutions and oilfield service company, announced a strategic partnership with X-Chem/Terra (Terra), a premier oilfield wastewater treatment and recycling company.

The companies together launched three recent water treatment projects in the Permian Basin -- two for freshwater sterilization combined with flowback recycling once the fracked wells begin producing, and the other for the complete reuse of produced water for future slickwater fracs.

The companies are jointly pursuing several additional projects across the U.S. Terra will provide the equipment, manpower, expertise, and logistics for on-the-fly water treatment for frac use, and Select will provide the infrastructure and water focus to utilize Terra's capabilities.

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About Select Energy Services

Select Energy Services strives to change the oil and gas industry's approach to water management. By providing strategic water management solutions from sourcing to disposal, Select delivers innovative, efficient, end-to-end solutions and well-site services to producers. With nearly 5,000 employees and $800 million in revenues, Select is a premier provider of water solutions that help unlock the vital energy resources of the nation. For more information, visit

About with X-Chem/Terra

Terra's capabilities include fresh water sterilization for frac use in lieu of harsh persistent biocides added at the frac pumps. Additional capabilities include flowback and produced water reuse, either as 100 percent, or as a blended frac-on-the fly with the fresh water, to minimize storage needs. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of X-Chem, a full service production chemical company. Founded in 1982, X-Chem offers solutions for the maintenance, production, completion, and stimulation of oil wells, gas wells and pipelines. For more information, visit


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