Craft Brewers Conference Product Showcase

A sneak peek at some of the products and services that will be on display in the exhibit hall at the Craft Brewers Conference.

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Meet regulatory requirements

Brewery production presents unique challenges in water and wastewater treatment. Water must meet strict specifications for product quality, taste, and consistency. Evoqua can help breweries comply with regulatory requirements, reduce or eliminate wastewater surcharges, reuse water and convert wastewater into green energy.

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Modular assembly systems

Working directly with craft brewers to solve problems specific to their brewing applications, Bürkert has designed a collection of scalable, modular subassembly systems specifically for the industry including: cellar controls packages, sparge water controls, wort aeration, brew house systems, source water makeup systems, neutralization systems and steam control systems.

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Measurement solutions

Smaller breweries benefit from instrumentation in the same way as larger operations. The challenge is to know where to start and how to justify the initial expense. Endress+Hauser supports small- as well as large-scale breweries with high-quality measurement solutions that are scalable to your needs.

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Pumps and process equipment

Tsurumi Pump is a leading manufacturer of submersible and engine-driven pumps, generators, and process equipment. Tsurumi caters to the brewing industry through stainless-steel pumps and process equipment. Some of the brewery products Tsurumi carries are bar screens, dehydrators, aerators, mixers, decanters, and scum skimmers.

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Tsurumi Pump

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Pumping solutions

The NEMO® PCP that will be on display is ideal for transporting shear-­sensitive ingredients and a different model for abrasive spent grain. This product line is used to provide the Victory Brewing Company with reliable pumping solutions to efficiently handle spent grain and yeast transfer during the brewing process at its brewery in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania.

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Compressed air system

Kaeser’s AIRCENTER is a complete yet compact compressed air system with a Sigma rotary screw compressor, refrigerated air dryer, and drain — all mounted on a receiver tank. Available in 5, 7.5, 10, 15 and 20 hp packages, these quiet, versatile units are perfect for a wide range of installations with limited space.

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Kaeser Compressors Inc.

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Accurate testing

Myron L® Company is known for accuracy, reliability, and simplicity. Its industry leading instruments are made for the brewing industry to save time and money. The company’s 6PFCe and Ultrapens are perfect examples of that. The 6PFCe is made of valox and tests six parameters. The pens are waterproof and made out of airplane aluminum. Both have accuracy to lead brewing standards.

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Myron L® Company

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