Quality Control Test Instruments for Brewers

Instruments from the Myron L® Company will meet brewery testing needs.

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The craft brewing industry continues to be on the upswing and those companies providing the highest quality and most consistent taste are leading the way. Therefore, it is important for brewers to know their test equipment provides reliable information every time. The Myron L® Company offers products that will make your testing easier and simpler, and save you time and money.

Two Ultrapens commonly used in the brewing industry are the PT2 (pH/Temperature) and the PT5 (Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature). These can be used to spot check samples on the line, in labs, or in the boil. On the wastewater side, these instruments can ensure safe levels are being attained and guidelines met to brewery standards.

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The PT2 Ultrapen can be used to spot check samples on the line, in labs, or in the boil.

These instruments provide simple one-button tests, with no guessing as with strips or drops. The Ultrapens are made from airplane aluminum, are waterproof, and have auto-ranging capabilities. They are very durable.

These instruments also offer a “Live Mode” technology, which allows a tester to go from batch to batch without stopping the testing process. They also have a 9PTKA Titration kit that tests pH, alkalinity, hardness, conductivity, free chlorine equivalent, TDS, resistivity, ORP, temperature and has an LSI calculator built in. This brewery favorite is made of Valox, has a full four-digit LCD display, memory storage for 100 readings, is waterproof, and offers a real-time clock for exact sampling times. IWW

The Myron L® Company is a leading manufacturer of conductivity and pH instrumentation. Learn more at www.myronl.com or visit Booth 4087 at the Craft Brewers Conference.

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