Dairy faces $70,000 in wastewater fines

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture investigated and assessed the penalty.

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SHOSHONE, IDAHO, APRIL 7, 2017 -- One of Southern Idaho's largest employers, 4 Bros. Dairy, is facing $70,000 in fines in wastewater discharge violations. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture finished an investigation of the dairy last week, according to MagicValley.com.

The investigation found that the dairy owners had broken open sections of the canal bank just below several of the dairy's lagoons to allow floodwaters and dairy wastewater to flow into the canal, among other violations.

Neighbors on domestic water wells downstream from the dairy reported green liquid flowing from their faucets. Ahydroelectric power plant near the dairy was also investigated, but officials found no causal relationship between the plant's activities and the wastewater contaminants being released.

A hearing in the matter has been scheduled.

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