Owens Corning selects Entex's BioWeb to increase wastewater treatment capacity

NEWARK, OH, Sept. 1, 2009 -- Entex Technologies Inc. recently increased the treatment capacity and efficiency at the Owens Corning wastewater plant in Newark, Ohio...

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NEWARK, OH, Sept. 1, 2009 -- Entex Technologies Inc., a Chapel Hill, N.C., provider of custom engineered wastewater treatment systems, recently increased the treatment capacity and efficiency at the Owens Corning wastewater plant in Newark, Ohio, thanks to Entex's patented BioWeb modules.

The upgrade has allowed Owens Corning to vary production levels at the manufacturing site.

Entex installed 15 BioWeb modules -- which are specifically designed and interlocked to function in the vigorously mixed, high-rate jet aeration sequencing batch reactor (SBR) -- to provide a significant increase in reactor biomass.

The fixed-film system was especially engineered to meet Owen Corning's specific footprint. For example, the BioWeb modules were designed to be fully submerged throughout the processing cycle. This was only the second time fixed-film media has been used in an SBR system, a technique many industry experts once thought not possible.

This novel application is efficient, economical and offers a flexible method to achieve additional biological treatment capacity, guaranteeing a bright future in treating various industrial wastewaters.

"We are extremely pleased with the quality of Entex BioWeb modules and their immediate, positive impact on system performance," said Cliff Merritt, Owens Corning's Senior Principal Engineer for wastewater management. "They came through for us with timely delivery of the BioWeb modules that installed smoothly as designed. The system engineering and support was excellent."

About Entex Technologies Inc.
Entex Technologies is a leader in advanced biological wastewater technologies, designing and supplying custom engineered systems that increase concentrations of beneficial microbiology for treating wastewater.

Entex's Integrated Biofilm Systems improve the capacity and performance of municipal and industrial wastewater facilities at half the cost or less than traditional approaches. Entex is unique in offering both fixed and moving media systems (BioWeb and BioPortz) for Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) and Submerged Fixed-film (SFF and MBBR) processes.


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