Qatargas awards SNC contract to reuse industrial wastewater at Laffan Refinery 2

Qatargas has awarded SNC a contract to deliver a water recycling facility at its Laffan Refinery 2 plant...



The world’s largest Liquefied natural gas (LGN) company Qatargas has awarded Canadian firm SNC-Lavalin (SNC) a contract to deliver a water recycling facility at its Laffan Refinery 2 plant.

SNC will provide engineering, procurement, supply, construction and commissioning services for the recycling facility to handle treated industrial water from the Laffan Refineries 1 and 2.

The contract is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017.

Industrial water will be reused using ultrafiltration and reverse osmosismembranes.

Purified water will be recycled back to the refineries for use in the cooling and boiler feed water systems.

When completed, the Laffan Refinery 2 will process an additional 146 thousand barrels per day of condensate recovered from the North Field, doubling the capacity of Laffan Refinery 1.

The facility complies with the Qatar Ministry of Environment’s Directive to reuse the treated industrial water produced from industrial plants.

The Qatar National Vision 2030 includes objectives to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

SNC has worked with Qatargas for 12 years and previously worked on the Pearl GTL complex.


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