Spartan Environmental Installs Ozone Water Treatment System for client in Southern US

Spartan Environmental Technologies has supplied its first turn key containerized SPARTOX ozone water treatment system to a Fortune 300 client for groundwater remediation.

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MENTOR, OH, June 13, 2016-- Spartan Environmental has sold its first turn key ozone water treatment system for ground water remediation to a Fortune 300 company located in the Southeastern United States. Ozone is increasing its share of the ground water remediation market due to its ability to breakdown complex organic molecules.

Ozone is produced from the oxygen in air on site, so it does not have to be purchased, transported or stored. After reacting with contaminants it breaks down back to the oxygen it was made from leaving no byproducts.

The self-contained SPARTOX system includes all of the subsystems for making ozone and mixing it with water. It first produces concentrated oxygen from air, converts it into ozone and then mixes it with water.

The system is computer controlled and is remotely monitored with information stored in the cloud. Communication is handled over a cellular network. Operators are notified immediately if there is a problem with the system. The containerized system was factory tested prior to shipment and immediately ready for operation upon installation at the site. The container has its own lighting, heating and cooling.

The system has been successfully treating ground water for six months and has been accepted and turned over to the client for operation. The SPARTOX system has been used in a wide range of water treatment applications ranging from treating wastewater for a major aerospace company to a US Army munitions plant. The technology can be easily adapted to also operate as an advanced oxidation process treating a wide range of contaminants in water.

About Spartan Environmental Technologies
Spartan Environmental Technologies has been designing and building ozone water treatment systems and ozone based advanced oxidation systems since 2004. Our clients include the aircraft manufacturers, food producers, biotechnology firms, the US military among many other industries.

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