Water Planet & Genesys International partner up

Genesys International has selected Water Planet, Inc., as the U.S. distributor for its line of reverse osmosis membrane antiscalant and cleaning chemicals.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2016 -- Genesys International has selected Water Planet, Inc., a global supplier of high-performance membrane-based water treatment solutions, as the U.S. distributor for its line of reverse osmosis membrane antiscalant and cleaning chemicals.

In addition, Water Planet is now a licensee of Genesys International's Genairclean™ for use with its designed reverse osmosis systems. Genairclean is a unique spiral wound membrane cleaning method that combines multiple chemical mechanisms with microbubble technology to improve cleaning efficiency.

Water Planet has been designing, selling and providing O&M support for reverse osmosis based water treatment plants since 2011.

Genesys specializes in producing chemicals that allow reverse osmosis plants to operate efficiently in areas where feed waters are challenging, such as waters with high levels of silica, phosphate or sulphates. Genesys has also developed products that take into account the different size and configuration of membrane plants.

Eric Hoek, Water Planet's CEO, stated, "We are proud to be a distributor of Genesys International's industry leading chemicals and licensee of their break-through membrane cleaning technology. We believe this will help differentiate the performance and cost-effectiveness of Water Planet's reverse osmosis based water treatment solutions."

Steve Chesters, Genesys' CEO said, "Water Planet and Genesys have a similar philosophy; we both want to do business in the most difficult to treat plants with very stressed waters that require some unique solutions. We are delighted to be working with the Water Planet team, which is packed full of brain power and experience."

Water Planet designs and sells ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems. Water Planet developed its proprietary IntelliFlux™ self-adaptive flux management controls technology to improve the reliability and affordability of membrane filtration systems in challenging applications. The company's latest breakthrough innovation, PolyCera® membrane technology, offers ceramic membrane hydrophilicity and robustness with polymer membrane form factors and affordability.

About Water Planet
Based in Los Angeles, California, Water Planet (http://waterplanet.com/) develops and markets breakthrough water treatment technologies to solve the world's most challenging water reuse and desalination applications. Water Planet's product lines include IntelliFluxmembrane systems and PolyCera membrane products. Since 2011, Water Planet has served dozens of customers on six continents.

About Genesys International
Genesys International is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of speciality membrane antiscalant and cleaning chemicals for RO/NF and UF systems. Since 2001 we have built a team of industry experts and a network of over 60 distributors delivering our products and services worldwide. We have recently launched Genairclean™, a new and innovative method for RO membrane cleaning incorporating micro-bubbles and effervescent reagents in our Genesol™ cleaners to enhance deposit removal. Membrane Master 4™, our scaling prediction software, is available for distributors and consultants and supports our extensive range of Genesys™ antiscalants.

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