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Compact UF system affordable for small communities

The compact HF-4 hollow fibre ultrafiltration (UF) water system provides small communities the same high water quality with the same economies usually found only in larger metropolitan water systems.

Th 162306
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The HF-4 removes pathogens and turbidity from surface water. The UF membranes in the HF-4, having a nominal molecular weight cut-off of 100,000, are capable of 4-log removal or better, for Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and viruses. With proper pretreatment, the HF-4 also can remove iron and manganese, improving the colour and taste of water.

The stand alone, self-contained, fully automatic system is designed for unattended operation. Koch Membrane Systems engineered the system to minimise operator involvement and operating costs. Its compact design features a small footprint, allowing communities with budget constraints to reduce construction costs.

The HF-4 can be configured with up to four standard eight-inch diameters by 48-inch long pressurised cartridges. Product water capacity of the HF-4 can range from 20 gpm to 65 gpm depending on feed water quality and quantity of cartridges.

All necessary components for system operation are built into the stand alone HF-4, including a backflush package, cleaning (CIP) package, and control panel with programmed PLC, plus all basic piping, valves, and instrumentation. Several options are available, including an automatic prefilter. The HF-4 is SCADA compatible for the remote supervision of data logging.

Koch Membrane Systems
Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA

New membrane element reduces (€m3 factor

The SXL-225 membrane element improves operations and reduces costs while maintaining the identical material composition, pore size and retention values as existing S-225 elements, manufactured by X-Flow B.V., part of Norit N.V.

SXL-225 advantages over the company's S-225 element, introduced in 1994, include the following:

  • 15% higher surface area (40%m2 instead of 35m2);
  • Higher porosity resulting in a 100% higher permeability;
  • 50% lower TMP (typically .15 to 0.3 bar);
  • Fewer chemicals during cleaning;
  • Operates at higher recoveries;
  • Longer life expectancy.

X-Flow conducted an extensive research and development programme and ran several pilot trials on different sources before introducing its newest element. SXL membrane elements have already been installed in several full-scale reference installations.

Generally, the SXL is interchangeable with the 35m2 S-225, except the capacity of the backwash pumps may have to be increased to maintain the same backwash flux given the higher membrane area. The capacity of the chemical dosing pumps and BW tanks should also be checked. The S-225 35m2 element will remain available for replacement purposes.

X-Flow B.V., Norit N.V.
Enschede, Netherlands

Multi/Joint® technology more than just a pipe connection.

Georg Fischer's basic idea, of producing one coupling to connect all kinds of pipe materials, flexible as well as end load resistant, evolved into the jointing technology Multi/Joint® 3000 series.

Th 162307
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The patented Variofiks® ring creates a large tolerance and also contains small "Fiksers" that grip into the pipe, resulting in end load resistant solutions up to 16 bar pressure. The small "Fiksers" can be taken out relatively easily to create a "flexible" connection. The tolerances in the ring make it possible to have a stepless solution from DN50 (46 mm) up to and including DN225 (257 mm).

Th 162308
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The Variofiks® (end load resistant) and Variofleks® ring (flexible) are being used in many products, including couplings, flange adapters, endcaps, and now bends, duckfeet and Tees. The endcap is used as a temporary stop because it is end load resistant above ground, and easy to install, uninstall and reinstall on any kind of pipe material. It makes it possible to go from the distribution pipe DN50 - DN300 directly to threaded connections up to 2 inches. The 90° bend is a logical addition to a fully restraint system. The Multi/Joint 3000 family has on each side a nominal angularity at an installation angle of 8¡ maximum. Add this 8° per socket end to the 90° bend, the total permissible angularity to be made becomes between 74° - 106°. So, if two pipelines are not situated in a perfect 90° from each other, the WAGA® Bend helps.

The duckfoot saves an extra connection since the pipe can be connected directly on the duckfoot (restraint). An extra advantage is the outlet at the back that prevents stagnant water in the line.

Georg Fischer WAGA N.V.
Epe, The Netherlands

Expert control system enhances cyber security

New features will help users of the Ovation® expert control system take additional proactive measures to enhance the security of water and wastewater operations. These features address different types of cyber security considerations for data exchange by incorporating measures such as machine authentication and data encryption for the secure transfer of information over common data links.

Th 162310
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Other areas of focus include more stringent password management; removal of unnecessary functions (often referred to as hardening) and disabling prohibited activities on certain workstations; and streamlining and formalising user permissions.

Emerson systems also offers other cyber security solutions, including security patch monitoring and notification on its secure Ovation/WDPF Users' Web site, and is currently expanding its SureServiceSM customer support programme to include security assessments and audits; and installation, configuration and monitoring of intrusion detection systems.

Emerson Process Management
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Remote I/O modules eliminate need for buscoupler devices

Acromag's new BusWorks® 900 EN Series/I/O Modules interface up to 12 analog or discrete I/O signals directly to an Ethernet/IP™ network. Since each remote I/O module has its own Ethernet port, it can operate independently of a buscoupler or controller that typically handles network communication for modular/block I/O systems.

Th 162311
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These I/O modules save costs and space by eliminating the need for high-cost communication devices, according to Acromag. The setup uses a standard Internet browser so no software is required. A complete 12-channel I/O solution starts at US$ 350 and needs one-inch of rail space.

The I/O modules provide an isolated Ethernet/IP 10/100 Mbps network interface. The units passed the internationally recognized Ethernet/IP conformance tests established by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA™). Modbus/TCP versions are also available.

Acromag, Inc.
Wixom, Michigan, USA

Anaerobic technology reduces sludge production

Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (AqUASB®) technology increases biodegradability, removes COD and volatile organic compounds (VOC), and degrades halogenated organic compounds, according to Austep, a supplier of anaerobic technology.

AqUASB plants are compact and modular, and operate with high organic loads in either concrete basin or stainless steel reactors. The three-phase separator retains biomass in the reactor, collecting the biogas and segregating the clarified effluent. In general, further sedimentation of the effluent is not necessary.

Advantages of the process include:

  • Low sludge production;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Methane byproduct;
  • Low volume and space demands;
  • Rapid capital recovery and;
  • High efficiency treatment.

Austep S.r.l.
Milan, Italy

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