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Paques helps companies to contribute to the major challenges of today: to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources.

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Revitalizing Resources for a Pure Future

Paques helps companies to contribute to the major challenges of today: to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. Paques' biotechnologies enhance the sustainability of companies and contribute to the balanced improvement of people, planet and profit through revitalization of resources.

Paques' anaerobic water purification systems produce energy from wastewater while purifying the water. Since the introduction of the first BIOPAQ® reactor in 1981, close cooperation with partners has resulted in a broad portfolio for integrated water and gas treatment. Paques' technologies have proven to be cost-effective and reliable solutions. There is a close connection between energy and water, as one is needed to use the other. The biogas produced in the Paques purifying process is a valuable source of green energy.

energy from waste/REuse of water

Pacques, together with Unilever, has completed construction of a bio-digester at a Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory in Hellendoorn, the Netherlands. In the bio-digestion process, waste products that are released during the production of ice cream are converted into energy. The bio-digester from Paques will cover 40% of the ice cream factory's green energy requirements.

After a successful test period, Unilever opted for a new type of bio-digester from Paques, the BIOPAQ®AFR, in which natural micro-organisms 'eat' waste products and convert them into biogas. In this system, wastewater is purified by converting waste products from ice cream production such as milk, cream, proteins, syrups and pieces of fruit into biogas.

What's unique about the technology is that wastewater streams that contain fat and oil are treated/digested in one compact reactor, together with degradable particles, whereas in conventional systems this is only possible by going through a number of processing stages.


The world's natural resources are running low. Based on the broad expertise and know-how, Paques developed a number of technologies to recover base elements. Through those technologies hydrophilic sulphur can be retrieved from biogas, phosphate can be recovered from wastewater as struvite and chemicals and metals can be reclaimed from industrial effluents.

It is expected that some of the world's current essential elements will be depleted before the end of the century. Paques technologies recover those valuable treasures from waste. Pure Future. Pure Paques.

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