Mongolia coal to chemicals project to reuse wastewater using Aquatech’s ZLD

Using ZLD technology from Aquatech, Chinacoal Group's project in Inner Mongolia will reuse over 9,600 m3/day of wastewater...



China’s second largest coal producer, Chinacoal Group, has contracted Aquatech to provide a water treatment facility fora coal-to-chemicals project that includes wastewater recycling and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology.

This is the second such plant that has been awarded to Aquatech by Chinacoal at the same location in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia.

The plant will recycle over 9,600 m3/day of wastewater generated by a nearby coal mine and eliminate all wastewater discharge. The recycled water will be treated to a high purity level and reused in the process facility.

As part of the contract, Aquatech will design, engineer and supply the integrated water facility and will supervise installation and commissioning.

In October the company secured a contract to provide water treatment to China’s biggest coal producer (read WWi story).

Devesh Sharma, managing director of Aquatech, said: “We are very proud to not only be involved with such a great effort in water optimization and environmental sustainability for one of Asia’s most water scarce regions, but also to do it as a repeat project at an existing facility.”

The contract was signed between representatives from Aquatech and Chinacoal Group on November 22 during the 26th U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.


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