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CUES has introduced three newly developed pipeline inspection products.

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Pipeline inspection

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CUES has introduced three newly developed pipeline inspection products. Lateral and Mainline Probe II (LAMP II) is designed to perform pan and tilt inspections of the mainline sewer pipe while viewing and inspecting up to 80 feet into a lateral pipe. It uses a selfpropelled lateral launcher, transportation platform, and two cameras. An optional sonde is available for locating laterals. The Wheeled/Tracked Transformer Transporter (WTR) III (shown) can be set up with wheels or tracks to accommodate varying pipe conditions. It is designed to inspect 6” relined through 30” pipe and works with CUES OZIII pan/tilt/zoom camera or CUES OZIII Nite Lite pan/tilt cameras. Various wheel sets and tracks are available to maximize performance. The QZ2 Portable Video Inspection System is a lightweight, portable, pole mounted video inspection system that can be operated by one person. It enables swift inspections and surveys of pipelines, wet wells, manholes, sewer treatment plants, steam generators, tanks, vessels, and other areas that are difficult to reach.

Orlando, FL

Data logging software

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Onset has announced the availability of a free, 30-day trial version of HOBOware® Pro, the company’s graphing and analysis software package for HOBO® data loggers. The trial version of HOBOware, which runs on PC and Mac computers, enables users to test-drive the full capabilities of the software for 30 days. The software combines fast, easy logger launch and readout functions with powerful data plotting capabilities, making it easier than ever for users to analyze environmental and energy data recorded with HOBO loggers. An intuitive, graphical user interface allows users to select environmental parameters to display, format graphs, perform analysis, and save projects for future use. HOBOware also supports one-click export of data to Microsoft® Excel or other ASCII-compatible programs, and is compatible with a broad range of Onset data logger and weather station products. The free trial version of HOBOware can be downloaded at

Onset Computer Corp.
Bourne, MA

Level, pressure transducers

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Pressure Systems, manufacturer of KPSI™ Level and Pressure Transducers, now offers lightning protection for its Series 300 small bore submersible level transducers. The Series 300 features protection against fast rising voltage transients with the use of two surge protection components, one located in the 0.75 inch OD 316 housing of the transducer and one located at the surface, grounded via DIN-rail or ground wire. The Series 300 is specifically designed for smallbore applications to meet the rigorous environments encountered in a variety of water level measurements. With an option of welded 316 SS or titanium construction, this transducer family features a rugged, waterproof design and is ideal for groundwater and surface water monitoring, down hole, dewatering, level control and shipboard-use applications.

Pressure Systems
Hampton, VA

Bioretention systems

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Filterra Bioretention Systems harness the power of nature to capture and remove pollutants such as TSS, nutrients, metals and bacteria from urban runoff. Featuring a small footprint and easy maintenance, the Filterra system is ideal for parking lots, urban retrofits, residential sites, LID projects and more. Also from Filterra is the company’s optimized media blend for 94%-99% bacteria removal. Bacterra™ can help achieve water quality goals, reduce public health treats, and reduce sources of bacteria to beaches.

Ashland, VA

Transfer switches

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ESL Power Systems Inc. has introduced StormSwitch™, a line of ready-to-install commercial manual transfer switches engineered to provide safe portable generator hook-up to lifts or pump stations when utility power is out. Once professionally installed by an electrician, the switch provides a new level of preparedness for any facility. During a power outage, the switch makes it simple to plug in the lift or pump station to a portable generator. The switch combines a robust industrial-grade transfer switch with color-coded cam-style connectors for quick connection to a portable power generator. Integral utility and generator manual disconnects are interlocked to prevent cross connecting the power sources. The disconnects are factory wired and can be supplied as either molded case circuit breakers or switches. In addition, the unit features a safety-interlocked door, dead-front panel, and protection from unauthorized access.

ESL Power Systems Inc.
Corona, CA

Grease interceptor tanks

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Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. offers grease interceptor tanks that provide a watertight and long-life system that can be designed to resist the heated, corrosive discharges found in food waste. Ready to install and made in large part from the company’s HDPE pipe, the tanks are available in 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 gallon capacities. The tanks are made from a length of ADS HDPE pipe, with two 30-inch HDPE diameter risers for easy clean out accessibility. The tank design meets ASTM’s new standard, “ASTM F2649 Standard Specification for Corrugated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Grease Interceptor Tanks.”

Advanced Drainage Systems
Findlay, OH

Water quality measurement

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The Ultrameter II™ by Myron L Company enables fast, lab-accurate water quality measurements of conductivity, resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP, and temperature. High performance features include: accuracy of ±1% of reading; rugged construction with internal sensors; waterproof and submersible up to 3 ft (1 m); memory for up to 100 date-time-stamped readings; IR port for quick and easy data transfer.

Myron L
Carlsbad, CA

Sediment management

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SedimenTrap™ from HydroLogic Solutions effectively captures and removes sediment from stormwater prior to groundwater recharge. It is a low cost, high performance stormwater management system component. When used in conjunction with Storm-Chamber™, the resulting subsurface system exceeds all regulatory water quality requirements. Overcoming the deficiencies of older technologies, the StormChamber system functions best as an infiltration BMP. With the addition of the SedimenTrap it is also a highly effective water quality BMP in soils with low infiltration rates. The StormChamber system also significantly contributes to low impact, sustainable development goals and helps to obtain 18 points for LEED certification.

HydroLogic Solutions
Occoquan, VA

Pump station cleaning

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Anue Environmental Inc. has released the new EP-1300 series for agitating, oxygenating and cleaning pump stations, all without the use of external power or potable water. This mechanical system is a ‘green solution’ for eliminating fat, oil, grease (FOG) and bio-film plus H2S and odors associated with bio-film in the well. Its mechanical action increases dissolved oxygen and promotes aerobic respiration. The system can help lower costs for well vacuuming, water cleaning and dumping of wastes. Even more savings are realized when chemicals for odor abatement are eliminated.

Anue Environmental
Carlsbad, CA

Check valves for flood control applications

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Tideflex® Check Valves are used extensively for flood control and can sit inactive for years and still be ready to provide backflow protection during a flood event. Typical applications include retention basins, levees, locks and dams, fish bypass systems, stormwater collection systems, highways, parking lots, airport runways and large industrial and office complexes. The TF-1 Curved Bill Tideflex Check Valve is designed to enhance sealing, especially in low-lying areas with little backpressure. The valve is constructed entirely of rubber, making it virtually immune to rust, corrosion and weathering. The curved bill seals without backpressure, allowing for a tighter seal that eliminates gapping issues. The flexible bill also seals around entrapped debris. The headloss of the valve is exceptionally low.

Tideflex Technologies, a Division of Red Valve Company Inc.
Carnegie, PA

Pipeline design software

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PipePlan from MWH Soft provides all the capabilities needed to streamline engineering design processes, optimize detailed pipeline design (both horizontal and vertical alignments), increase productivity and accuracy, and shorten project schedules. PipePlan also features a rich set of automated drawing tools, making it easier and more efficient for users to quickly generate finished, high quality, detailed CAD design drawings. PipePlan greatly extends the core features of MWH Soft’s InfoWater, providing a comprehensive geospatial environment for water network analysis and design. Users can now leverage their efforts in building detailed hydraulic network models to produce and validate highly professional distribution and transmission line designs in record time and at minimal cost.

MWH Soft
Broomfield, CO

Engineered media system

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Infiltrator Systems introduces the Smart-Rock engineered media system, an easy to install, lightweight, all-in-one system to replace the traditional septic drainfield methods. The new system saves installers time and money while providing more efficient infiltration than stone and perforated pipe. The Smart-Rock System replaces gravel with a synthetic media that surrounds a perforated pipe, improving infiltrative performance by eliminating the fines associated with gravel, reducing compaction and reducing embedment. The aggregate is held in place with a durable netting in easy to contour 10’ lengths. Smart-Rock is the latest addition to Infiltrator Systems’ line of leachfield and drainage solutions.

Infiltrator Systems
Old Saybrook, CT

Level alarm relay

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MultiTrode has released its new SafeSmart level alarm relay and failsafe probe. The MultiTrode liquid level probe is an ultra-reliable level sensor for wastewater that provides an additional failsafe detection, which is especially important for high level alarms. Most wastewater utilities install independent high level backup alarms in case of failure of primary level devices or primary controllers. The MultiTrode single sensor level probe eliminates the problems of ball floats and the fail-safe eliminates the risk of wires becoming disconnected, or rats eating cabling. The SafeSmart level alarm relay continually checks for continuity, activating an output if there is a problem with connection to the probe. This provides continuous verification to the utility that the probe is in operation.

Boca Raton, FL

Water quality monitoring

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The NEW LTC Levelogger Junior from Solinst provides the low cost convenience of three measurement parameters in one instrument. It combines temperature and conductivity sensors, pressure transducer, datalogger, memory for 16,000 sets of readings, and a 5-year battery, in a small waterproof housing. It is compatible with Levelogger Gold software, accessories and telemetry. Ideal for salinity studies and a general indication of contamination levels.

Solinst Canada Ltd.
Georgetown, ON Canada

Primer on water quality credit trading

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A new publication, “A Primer on Water Quality Credit Trading in the Mid-Atlantic Region,” was created to educate a wide variety of audiences about water quality credit trading concepts and how to help stakeholders provide informed input into state water trading policies being developed in the Mid-Atlantic states. The publication is co-authored by Kristen Saacke Blunk, Penn State University, Tatiana Borisova, University of Florida, Doug Parker, University of Maryland, and Charles Abdalla, Penn State University.

Mid-Atlantic Regional
Water Quality program

Storm drain labels

Almetek Industries Inc. developed its line of metal Storm Drain Markers with longevity and durability in mind. Available in painted or natural stainless steel, aluminum or brass, these markers come in a wide variety of symbols and legends, are virtually indestructible, install easily and quickly and are highly visible. The discs are formed with turned down edges, which ensure against theft and snowplow displacement. This design, along with the sand blasting process to the backside of the marker, allows for maximum adhesion to almost any surface. Custom markers can be created with unique symbols and legends as well as a UV Clear Multicolor Graphics Dome or Laser Engraved Aluminum center disc, both of which can be customized with logos, graphics and copy.

Almetek Industries Inc.
Hackettstown, NJ

Web-based design, product selection

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PROFILE Products LLC has launched a new, web-based program called Profile Soil Solutions Software (PS³). This design and product selection tool enables design professionals, agencies and contractors to access engineering and agronomic assistance for erosion and sediment control quickly and easily. The program integrates hydraulically applied and rolled erosion control products, sediment retention fiber rolls, and prescriptive agronomic formulations to develop agronomically sound erosion and sediment control site solutions. In addition, it provides complete design documentation including product specifications, installation guidelines, CAD drawings and other pertinent technical information. The new software is accessible at

Buffalo Grove, IL

Hydraulic modeling

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CivilStorm from Bentley is a fully dynamic, multi-platform, hydraulic modeling solution developed for the analysis of complex stormwater systems. Engineers can use it to study the reduction of stormwater runoff, treatment of stormwater pollutants, and prevention of flooding. The solution includes two dynamic engines that account for storage effects within structures and quantify overflows should they occur: the industry-standard EPA-SWMM engine or Bentley’s implicit solution. Engineers can choose to use the SWMM water quality features to comply with NPDES water quality regulations.

Bentley Systems Inc.
Exton, PA

Pipe survey software

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PipeLogix Inc. has released its latest module for flexidata™. The 360 Module is specially designed to work with new scanning camera technology such as Panoramo and Panoramo SI in both pipe and manhole surveys. The module is available for flexidata™ Full, Lite and Manhole Licenses. With the Full or Manhole Version, powerful analysis tools built into 360 create accurate survey data from three different pipe views. 360 View resembles the traditional survey movie with travel through the pipe controlled by the computer mouse, enabling the operator to travel fast, slow, pan and tilt or zoom to problems. Overview shows the entire length of the pipe as an unfolded segment.

PipeLogix Inc.
Palm Desert, CA

Pre-engineered lift stations

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Romtec Utilities designs and supplies complete, pre-engineered lift stations for both municipal and industrial pumping applications, including stormwater, wastewater, recycled water and clean water. This turnkey solution includes design and engineering services, with engineers licensed in all 50 states. All structural, mechanical, electrical and communications components are integrated into complete pre-engineered systems. The lift stations are designed for ease of installation, efficient and reliable operation and low maintenance. The entire lift station and all components arrive at the project site in a coordinated delivery, ready for fast and efficient installation.

Romtec Utilities Inc.
Roseburg, OR

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