CA water district adopts new ethics guidelines

New ethics guidelines were recently unanimously approved by California's Rowland Water District (RWD) Board of Directors.

ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA, Aug. 27, 2013 -- A new slate of ethics guidelines was unanimously approved by California's Rowland Water District (RWD) Board of Directors during a recent Board meeting on August 13, 2012.

The measure, which supersedes previous similar measures, demonstrates RWD's commitment to operating in an open and transparent manner. The ethics guidelines require that the Board and staff operate with "the highest of ethical standards in personal honesty and fairness" in carrying out their duties. This ensures that decisions and policies are made impartially and in the most responsive means possible to serve the public.

"It’s important that people know our District is working for them, mindful of our responsibility to our ratepayers and customers," says Ken Deck, RWD General Manager. "We are dedicated to the idea that government should be transparent, and our Board should be a proper steward of the resources they are entrusted with. Honesty, integrity and openness are values we espouse and promote at every opportunity and these guidelines spell that out very specifically."

Initial guidelines, adopted in 2004, were based on those published by the Association of California Water Agencies, and the revisions most recently adopted further enforce a code of conduct that meets or exceeds other standards set by the Association. The new guidelines specifically address items ranging from responsibilities of office and use of District property and resources, to conflicts of interest and inter-agency relationships.

"We are simply building on the guidelines that were already in place, to ensure both confidence in the Board and that future Board members understand how important this is to the District," says Szu Pei Lu-Yang, RWD Board President. "We take adherence to these guidelines very seriously, and spell out what is expected of each Board member. We serve the public trust; that word is fundamental. Trust is what we must earn and keep in order to be effective."

These guidelines are available for viewing at, under the "Governance" tab. If you have further questions regarding this or any other board matter, please contact the RWD office at (562) 697-1726. All Board Agendas and Minutes are posted prior to each meeting for those who cannot attend the regularly held Board meetings.


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