World Water Works to bring groundbreaking wastewater treatment technology to global market

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District have officially selected World Water Works to bring its patent-pending AVN technology to the global market.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, Dec. 29, 2014 -- The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) have officially selected World Water Works, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions, to bring its patent-pending AVN™ technology to the global market.

The technology, which is named for the balance it achieves in ammonia oxidizing bacteria versus nitrite oxidizing bacteria, utilizes a proprietary control strategy, applying selective pressure to aid in the segregation of the desired bacterial populations. This allows wastewater treatment systems to achieve more efficient removal of total nitrogen.

AVN will deliver a rapid return on investment to customers by managing the influent carbon, minimizing the alkalinity demands and reducing the energy requirement of the system, while at the same time maintaining superior effluent quality. AVN is literally the ACE™ (alkalinity, carbon, energy) solution for cost-effectively removing ammonia in the mainstream treatment activated sludge process.

World Water Works was selected through a public bidding process due to its track record of success in bringing new technologies to market, extensive ammonia removal experience, complementary technologies, and its strong reputation for customer satisfaction. The company was also recently selected to provide its DEMON® wastewater deammonification system to DC Water's Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (see "DC Water to house world's largest deammonification system for advanced nitrogen removal").

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About World Water Works, Inc.

World Water Works is a manufacturer of specialized process and wastewater treatment technologies. With a focus on cost effective performance, flexibility, and durability, the company works alongside clients to create the most appropriate treatment solutions. Since its founding in 1998, the company’s technology has cleaned more than 13 trillion gallons of water, facilitated the reuse of more than 2 trillion gallons and recovered millions of pounds of resources. For more information, visit


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