U.S. Water Alliance now accepting nominations for 2015 U.S. Water Prize

The U.S. Water Alliance has officially announced that it is now accepting nominations for the 2015 U.S. Water Prize.

Oct. 21, 2014 -- The U.S. Water Alliance has officially announced that it is now accepting nominations for the 2015 U.S. Water Prize. The U.S. Water Prize honors up to five individuals, institutions or organizations that have made outstanding achievement in the advancement of sustainable solutions that contribute to solving some of the nation's most challenging water issues.

Created, sponsored and administered by the U.S. Water Alliance, the U.S. Water Prize is the first of its kind to recognize successful efforts in protecting and improving the health of watersheds throughout the country. Further, it is designed to elevate those entities with strategies that promote the value of water and the power of innovation with the goal of one-water sustainability.

Past winners of the U.S. Water Prize include, for example, American Water, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, and Orange County Water District and Sanitation District. Before beginning the process of completing the nomination form (found here), applicants should ensure they have the following materials prepared and to apply no later than December 1, 2014:

  • Nomination Summary: Applicants must supply a 300-word summary of their nomination. This summary should clearly and succinctly describe why the person or organization is deserving of a U.S. Water Prize, how the nominee relates to the prize criteria and who would be able to accept the award on behalf of the nominee.
  • Descriptive Narrative: Applicants will have the opportunity to better explain their project or initiative as it relates to the prize criteria with a description that's no longer than 1,250 words. It must clearly state the topic area (education, public awareness, research, technology, water resource management, or policy development), the current and future water quality or water quantity challenges it seeks to address, and the innovative approach taken to promote water sustainability. The narrative must also state the program's recent accomplishments.
  • Letters of Recommendation: All nominations must include at least two, but no more than five, independent letters of recommendation. Each recommendation should be no longer than 500 words in length.
  • Curriculum Vitae: For individual nominees, a Curriculum Vitae, or resume, must be included. Additionally, a more detailed document outlining the nominee's achievements may be submitted. This document is limited to 500 words in length.
  • Optional Application Documentation: Up to 10 pages of additional supporting documentation such as articles, publications, reports, book excerpts, and multimedia materials that provide relevant support to the nomination may be submitted but are not required. These materials can be submitted by mail or email.

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About the U.S. Water Alliance

The U.S. Water Alliance was formed in 2008 as a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization whose goal is to unite people and policy for one-water sustainability. The Alliance awards the U.S. Water Prize and organizes the One Water Leadership Summit annually. A broad cross-section of interests has come together through the Alliance to advance holistic, watershed-based solutions to water quality and quantity challenges. For more information, contact Lorraine Koss at 202.533.1819 or email lkoss@uswateralliance.org, or visit www.USWaterAlliance.org.


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