Grundfos pumps drive water display decorating Seoul, Korea's Banpo Bridge

SEOUL, Korea, Aug. 10, 2009 -- The main crossing across the Han river in the heart of Seoul now boasts a water light show courtesy of pumps from Grundfos, making it the world's longest fountain bridge -- officially recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records....

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[Photo courtesy of Grundfos Group]

SEOUL, Korea, Aug. 10, 2009 -- Han river, the main river crossing right in the middle of Seoul city, has been loved by Korean people for decades. Despite the value of the river as a symbol of Seoul, however, there was no distinctive landmark to attract visitors' interest. With an innovative idea from an employee of Seoul city hall and help from Grundfos' pump solution, the Han river got a chance to embrace a remarkable landmark.

Recently, Seoul city announced its ambition to flourish the riverside areas around Han river into a cultural and eco-friendly complex, the "Han river Renaissance Project".
Banpo bridge, which is one of the 27 bridges that connect the North and South side of Seoul city, now decorates the sky of Seoul with the world's longest fountain bridge, officially recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records. The bridge is 1,140m long and equipped with 380 nozzles that take in water through Grundfos SP pumps and spurts down to 20m below with 190 t/min. For this project, 38 units of SP pumps have been installed. The maximum flow and head is 420m³/h and 810m, respectively.

The official name of the bridge fountain is "rainbow fountain", which resembles the beautiful scene when the nozzles spurt up the water into the sky of Seoul with many colourful illuminations. After the completion of the installation, it was introduced to the public through the major press and media as a future standing-out landmark of Seoul city and along with it, Grundfos SP pump solution was naturally exposed as highly efficient and durable pumps. GPK is very proud of its contribution to a memorable structure.
Grundfos Korea is based in Seoul.
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