Research report examines Chinese potable water market

DUBLIN, Ireland, June 5, 2009 -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Research Report on Chinese Potable Water Market, 2009" report to their offering...

DUBLIN, Ireland, June 5, 2009 -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Research Report on Chinese Potable Water Market, 2009" report to their offering.

In China, drinking water safety is attracting more and more attention from the government and people. Chinese surface water is seriously polluted as well as the underground water. Over 70% of Chinese rivers, lakes and seashores are polluted and 90% of underground water in the cities is also polluted. Water pollution spreads from the branches to the main streams, from the surface to the underground, from the land areas to the river areas, from the urban to the rural, from the east to the west. Increasingly, the drinking water safety makes the fast growth of Chinese bottled water market.

In 2008, the sales volumes of bottled water in China were over 25 million tons, increased by 20% compared with 2007. The market scales were more than 30 billion yuan (4.3 billion USD). It is clearly shown that the international financial crisis had few influences on the Chinese bottled water market.

At present, the products of Chinese bottled water market mainly lay in medium and low quality. The sale price of the 500 ml bottled water is 1 to 10 yuan (0.15 to 1.46 USD), in which the products with the sale price of 1 to 3 yuan (0.15 to 0.44 USD) receive the most popularity. The retail price of the barreled water is 5 to 30 yuan (0.73 to 4.4 USD) per five gallons. The products with the retail price of 10 yuan (1.46 USD) are the most popular.

However, in Chinese potable water market, the high quality products grow rapidly by over 50% of the annual growth speed. Presently, the major high quality brands are Evian, 5100 springs and so on. It is predicted that the capacity of Chinese high quality water market will be no less than 10 billion yuan (1.46 USD). The consumers of high quality water have already formed.

At present, Chinese high quality bottled water are promoted by creating concepts. There are two marketing channels for Chinese high quality bottled water. One is the propagation of the high quality water sources; Evian is the most successful example in this case. The other is the package of cultural concepts; 5100 springs regarded its discovery as the cultural broadcasting, highlighting Tibet mysterious cultures. The big attraction of 9000-year spring is the 9-thousand-year ancient glaciers.

In China, people's pursuit of health is becoming stronger and stronger. People are willing to spend more on potable water. Therefore, there is a promising perspective for Chinese potable water market. On the one hand, Chinese outstanding enterprises can be further developed. On the other hand, the international enterprises can explore the development potential in Chinese potable water market.

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