Sustainable drainage guidance updated, launched by British Water

LONDON, England, UK, March 3, 2010 -- The eagerly awaited revision to the Technical Guidance to Proprietary Sustainable Drainage Systems and Components --SUDS -- has been released by British Water...

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LONDON, England, UK, March 3, 2010 -- The document is the eagerly awaited revision to the Technical Guidance to Proprietary Sustainable Drainage Systems and Components --SUDS -- which has been used extensively by the water and sewage industry to help professionals decide on the criteria that should be considered when selecting and installing proprietary SUDS equipment.

The document covers the four principle areas of proprietary SUDS solutions including infiltration, flow control, storage/attenuation and treatment - each of which can be included in one of the three headings of the 'SUDS triangle' of Quality, Quantity and Amenity.

It is intended to complement the guidance that already exists on the wide range of soft SUDS solutions such as swales, ponds and infiltration trenches. This guidance is for all stakeholders including owners, developers, regulators, consultants, contractors and planners.

Pennwell web 300 225
Alex Stephenson and Dr Ian Pallett of British Water launch the updated code of practice on SUDS.
The revised guidance publication provides a brief but comprehensive overview which leads to a range of electronic links to web pages providing more detailed information, including details of proprietary systems. The electronic format of the publication will enable it to be revised so that it is current and provides up-to-date information.

Alex Stephenson, the chairman of the British Water Sustainable Drainage Focus Group, which works to improve standards in the industry, said: "We want to make it easy for practitioners to find out what options are available -- so that they're aware of all the tools in the toolbox."

Recently, the water and sewage industry has had to cope with new legislation and consultation including the Water Framework Directive and the anticipated Floods and Water Management Bill.

Alex Stephenson added:" Things are changing at such a rapid rate, the Focus Group has been working to make sure that anyone who is involved with sustainable drainage can find out the best methods that are available and which ones will be suitable for their particular needs.

"It's particularly important that planners, architects and contractors are aware of this document so they can make sure they get the appropriate system for each site."

The document is available free to download from


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