QUADRA announces update on Bangladesh soil, water remediation project

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 4, 2010 -- QUADRA Projects Inc. has received an update from its Distributor for Bangladesh, BioEarth Inc., whose representatives have recently met with government officials there...

LAS VEGAS, NV, Jan. 4, 2010 -- QUADRA Projects Inc. announced that it has received an update from its Distributor for Bangladesh, BioEarth Inc., whose representatives have recently met with Government Officials of Bangladesh. The purpose of the meetings were to finalize arrangements for World Bank financing for their multi-million dollar environmental water and soil remediation programs for cleaning up sludge deposited in their major rivers and all forms of land based wastes which are a major pollutant and environmental hazard for that country. BioEarth has incorporated into its cleanup program the use of the QES2000 technology for the processing of the sludge and land based wastes.

Once the sludge has been retrieved from the rivers through use of BioEarth's unique use of barges and sludge retrieval equipment; the processing of the sludge by the Company's QES2000 Systems will convert the sludge and/or land based wastes into marketable by products and/or alternatively a source for the generation of power with the use of the Company's gasification technology.

BioEarth also has indicated that the combination of the BioEarth and Company technologies have applications world-wide where environmental problems of this nature occur and BioEarth is reviewing several proposals for environmental clean-up situations of this nature. All of these situations will lead to a unique and leading edge multi-million dollar use of the Company's technology.

Brian Rabb, CEO of BioEarth, has stated that after reviewing the existing technologies for waste to energy conversion, he decided on the QES2000 technology for the reasons of affordability, broad applications and the quality of by-products which could be generated through its use.

Management of the Company is of the opinion that the patented QES 2000 System is the most advanced pyrolysis and gasification system in the world, specifically designed to convert all organic waste such as palm husks (including used tires, plastic waste and municipal waste etc,) to valuable by-products such as N220 carbon black, biochar fertilizer, and/or fuel oil or fuel gas for the production of electrical power, without any measurable environmental pollution or ash to be land filled. The QES2000 System is designed to meet the Global challenges of the 21st Century wherein natural resources are being exhausted, the petroleum industry is unstable and uncertain in terms of cost and supply and the world is seeing a degradation of the Global environment.

Because of the affordability of the QES2000 System, and the creation of significant revenue streams from the by-products, the return on investment is much greater than other competitive systems.

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