The US company LightStream Technologies, Inc appointed Jon Yi & Company of Beijing as the exclusive technology provider of the LightStream LS Series

China: The US company LightStream Technologies, Inc appointed Jon Yi & Company of Beijing as the exclusive technology provider of the LightStream LS Series of advanced pulsed UV water disinfection machines in The People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The five-year agreement balances market exclusivity for Jon Yi & Company with targeted sales of the product line for LightStream. The first LightStream LSi unit will be installed in China in June 2003.

Based in Beijing, Jon Yi & Company has offices in Hong Kong and Taipei, and specialises in providing innovative technologies to the Chinese environmental and pharmaceutical markets.

China: The US company Calgon Carbon, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, invested in two manufacturing and service facilities in China to better compete in the Asian market. Calgon Carbon and a Chinese partner established Datong Carbon Company Limited, located in Datong, Shanxi Province, to produce bituminous coal-based granular activated carbon (GAC). The second facility, Calgon Carbon Company Tianjin Limited (CCT), is a wholly-owned subsidiary. CCT is equipped with a sizing, screening and packaging operation, large storage warehouse and a full-service laboratory.

Japan: Tsukishima Kikai (TSK) of Tokyo signed a sonix™ licensing agreement with the UK company Sonico, a joint venture of Purac Ltd and Atkins, to market the new ultrasound technology in the Japanese market. TSK will operate a 250,000-population equivalent sonix demonstration plant available to assist in introducing the technology to the market.

According to Sonico, sonix technology enhances digestion plant performance by increasing solids destruction, with upwards of 50% more biogas and improved ability to dewater downstream sludge. In addition, sonix can reduce sludge production and improve biological nutrient removal.

Singapore: USFilter will supply more than US$ 30 million of wastewater treatment technology for the Changi water reclamation plant, which is scheduled to begin operating in late 2007. The 800 million litres per day plant is part of a US$ 2.85 billion water treatment upgrade. USFilter Envirex Products of Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, will supply 464 chain and scraper clarifier mechanisms, engineered and supplied as a system to be part of the plant's unique space-saving, stacked clarification system.

Land is at a premium in Singapore, so the plant design incorporates space-saving techniques such as the stacked clarifier design. The mechanisms provided by the contract will become the heart of 48 stacked clarifiers at the plant.

The Changi plant will eventually be one of two water treatment facilities in the country, replacing eight plants. Most of the recycled water from the plant will be used for industrial purposes; some will be discharged into the ocean.

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