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Neptune 1309ww

Encoder, fixed network

Neptune 1309ww

Unique within a two-way communication AMI system, Neptune's new E-Coder®)R450i™ now provides a solid-state absolute encoder paired with a radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU) all in a single wireless package. The E-Coder)R450i integrates the field-proven R450™ radio frequency meter interface unit (MIU) with the E-Coder® solid-state absolute encoder to offer utilities the advantages associated with ease and speed of installation. The unit features an enlarged LCD display and offers value-added features such as leak, tamper and reverse flow detection. The E-Coder)R450i eliminates the need for truck rolls, providing the utility with significant savings of time and labor, and the endpoint is configurable without having to send personnel to visit the site.

Neptune Technology Group

Analytics software

Badger 1309ww

Designed to give visibility to key utility management concerns, ReadCenter AnalyticsPro and ReadCenter Analytics+ from Badger Meter make optimal use of metering data to facilitate intelligent, information-driven decisions. When coupled with AMI hardware, ReadCenter AnalyticsPro software delivers a web-based Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) solution that helps utilities optimize operations to increase productivity, improve customer service, conserve resources, and generate more revenue. It features an enhanced dashboard that provides utilities with an immediate system overview. For utilities operating mobile AMR systems, ReadCenter Analytics+ provides many features similar to ReadCenter AnalyticsPro that help utilities optimize their systems along with reading equipment loading and unloading capabilities.

Badger Meter Inc.

Leak detection

Mueller Systems announced its latest AMI feature, Automated Leak Detection (ALD) that integrates acoustic-based leak detection technology from Echologics with the Mi.Net® Mueller infrastructure network. Mueller's fixed, two-way AMI network for utilities fully automates the meter reading-to-billing process and provides remote access to real-time information such as meter readings, alarm conditions and historical usage data. The main component of ALD is Mi.Logger™, a radio frequency transceiver featuring Echologics' sensors and algorithms housed in a cast-iron or high-density plastic enclosure that replaces the pumper nozzle caps of wet and dry barrel fire hydrants throughout a utility's service area. Detected leaks, bursts, low-flow, and hydrant tampering can be viewed by utility workers online through the Mi.Host user interface, which is integrated with ESRI GIS mapping software.

Mueller Co. Ltd

Mobile AMR

Transparent Map Data 1309ww

The G2 Mobile AMR System offers the best RF-data collection performance along with extensive customer-service data functions. The cost-effective remote datalogging system utilizes standard laptop and software components for low cost-of-use and maintenance. G2 Mobile has GIS-enabled interface with views for maps, data grid and account datalogs. The system can be utilized for water, electric, gas, or any combination of field radios for multi-utility support.

Transparent Technologies

AMI solution

Sensus 1309ww

FlexNet™ by Sensus provides pinpoint-accurate reads with Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) and AES-256 bit encryption to provide a sustainable communication network for water and gas utilities. The system empowers electricity, gas, water, or combination utilities with a proven means to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs and enhance customer service simply, reliably and with unlimited flexibility. The AES-256 bit encryption will help water utilities as they roll out applications beyond those that capture data on water consumption by securing management and control of meter reprogramming, valves and other distribution assets.


Communication module

Itron 1309ww

Itron's 100W ERT® communication module for pit applications now comes standard with an integral port that can use the optional Itron TTL (through-the-lid) antenna. In harsh pit applications, the TTL optimizes the read-rate reliability of the company's advanced fixed network systems for water utilities. The antenna offers utilities the flexibility to collect meter data whether deployed in a mobile AMR, Fixed Network AMI or in hybrid data collection environments, even in harsh conditions such as flooded meter pits or RF-inhibiting pit lids. Powered by a lithium battery, the ERT - with peak radiated power greater than 1 Watt - is designed for 20 years of battery life in both mobile data and fixed network collection modes.


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