DistribuTECH celebrates 20 years

Now in its 20th year, DistribuTECH, the leading annual T&D event, will take place March 23-25, 2010, in Tampa, FL.

Now in its 20th year, DistribuTECH, the leading annual T&D event, will take place March 23-25, 2010, in Tampa, FL. Traditionally thought of as a power event, DistribuTECH has evolved over the past few years to include a significant water presence in its program.

With such an emphasis today on aging infrastructure in the U.S., water utilities are increasingly looking to incorporate technology and automation into their organizations. From metering and AMI to workforce and asset management to energy management and security, the opportunities for introducing efficiency through automation are endless. And therein lies the challenge for operators and IT managers tasked with researching — and eventually selecting — the right tools for their utilities.

This year on the DistribuTECH show floor, more than 300 exhibitors will be represented, many of which offer products and services specifically for the water industry. Products of particular relevance to water include: meters and metering systems; AMR and related equipment and technologies; customer information systems, including hardware and software; SCADA systems monitoring and control; pump and motor control and monitoring; flow, level and pressure monitoring; security systems; and GIS mapping systems, hardware and software.

With a track specifically targeting water, the DistribuTECH conference program is an excellent educational opportunity for water professionals seeking to better understand how technology can benefit their utilities. The Water Track comprises five sessions this year, including ‘The Smart Water System,’ which will offer presentations that address how the underlying principles of ‘Smart Grid’ can be applied to water to optimize pricing, consumption and energy efficiency.

‘Demand Response: Both Sides of the Meter’ examines how water utilities can use demand-response principles to manage the peak water demand of their customers. Panelists will discuss implementation, execution, risks, regulatory environments and best practices of demand-response programs and the benefits of them to water utilities and consumers.

Other sessions include: AMR/AMI for Water Utilities; Leveraging Data to Improve Operations; and Improving Water System Efficiency through Technology.

If your water utility is looking for ways to improve operations and increase efficiency through technology, DistribuTECH 2010 is an event you don’t want to miss. For more information or to register, visit www.DistribuTECH.com.

Angela Godwin
Editor, Water Utility Management

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