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Metrohm Applikon 1401ww

Process and control

TIW™ Solutions from Siemens combines multiple pieces of process and electrical equipment with controls into a seamless solution that can reduce capital cost, minimize startup risk and substantially lower operating costs. TIW Solutions has been shown to save up to 30% on the cost of electrical and control equipment and up to 15% on its installation. TIW Solutions provides the peace of mind and convenience that comes with a single point of responsibility throughout a project's life, whether greenfield or retrofit.

Siemens Water Technologies

Online process analysis

Metrohm Applikon 1401ww

Online analyzers from Metrohm Applikon run continuously 24/7 without any operator intervention. Whether a single parameter in a single sample stream is involved or several different parameters in complex and multiple sample streams, Metrohm Applikon provides the right analyzer. The Alert analyzers are either based on colorimetric or ion-selective electrode (ISE) methods. The ISE methods are generally used for measurements in the ppm and % range, whereas the colorimetric techniques are used for the ppb to ppm range. For more complex determinations, multiple parameters or complex matrices such as surface water with high organic contents, Applikon developed the ADI 201Y and ADI 2045TI analyzers.

Metrohm USA Inc.

Level management

Metropolitan Lms 1401ww

The new and improved LMS II level management system from Metropolitan is a pre-programmed level controller with a color touch screen operator interface. The system allows users to seamlessly alter pump options, transducer options and more, providing access to basic SCADA features at a cost-effective price. The LMS II is a menu-configurable, constant speed, pump down level controller, allowing for the control of one to three pumps, with optional pre-programmed configurations for single/dual level transducers, 0-20 mA flow meter input, and a completely redundant float backup controller. Seal fails and thermal inputs are also available standard.

Metropolitan Industries Inc.

Water treatment controller

Omeg 1401ww

The CDCN10 Series is specifically designed to measure conductivity/dissolved solids and pH in drinking water and wastewater treatment applications. The CDCN10 Series conductivity/pH controllers are highly accurate and easy to install and operate. Engineering units can be displayed in either U.S. or metric values using the pushbutton keypad and the simple scroll-through menus. Both units control conductivity, with the ability to control three additive feed programs. Readout of the probe temperature is available, and pH measurement and control is optional on both units, as is a safety flow switch contact and RS485 communications.

Omega Engineering Inc.


Ashland Onguard 1401ww

Ashland Water Technologies introduced its new OnGuard™ i controller. This first-to-market technology provides a full range of performance-based and knowledge-based control, making it possible to automate even the most demanding water treatment applications. The OnGuard™ i controller has a powerful co-processor that uses proprietary software to perform complex calculations. It also provides incredible flexibility since it can be configured to virtually any key performance indicator or key operating indicator for a particular facility.


HMI, PLC package

Perspecto 1401ww

PERSPECTO Control Panel with Target Visualization (CP TV) from Wago eliminates the need for separate PLC and HMI hardware/software by combining the HMI and PLC into one package. Programmed with a single programming tool, WAGO-I/O-PRO, this all-in-one system features extensive communication interface ports, tight integration with the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and more. Designed to reduce engineering development time, reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary hardware, as well as reduce support and maintenance costs, PERSPECTO CP TV enables simplified control system architecture. This powerful combination makes all-in-one, HMI+PLC technology a compelling alternative to more traditional options.


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