Landia submersible mixer used in VA treatment plant deammonification process

World Water Works announced that it has used a submersible mixer from Landia as part of the implementation of its DEMON treatment system at the York River Treatment Plant in the community of Seaford, Va.

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, Feb. 17, 2015 -- World Water Works, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of wastewater treatment solutions, recently announced that it has used a submersible mixer from Landia, a Danish-based pump and mixer manufacturer, as part of the implementation of its DEMON® treatment system at the York River Treatment Plant in the community of Seaford, Va.

The York River facility, part of the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) regional wastewater treatment utility, served as the first operating implementation site of DEMON technology in North America.

The DEMON system, a deammonification process, is an innovative approach to nitrogen removal that is efficient, reliable and cost-effective. It offers numerous benefits over traditional nitrification/denitrification systems, including a 90-percent reduction in sludge-handling volume, 100-percent reduction in chemical demand and 60-percent lower energy requirement.

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World Water Work's DEMON treatment system

The technology runs a two-step/single-stage process that leverages two kinds of bacteria -- ammonia oxidizing bacteria and anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria (anammox) -- in order to first oxidize the ammonia in wastewater to nitrite and then convert a combination of this nitrite and remaining ammonia into harmless nitrogen gas.

Designed to agitate, homogenize and suspend solids in demanding conditions, Landia's submersible mixer model POP-I is utilized to mix granulated sludge for the HRSD implementation of the DEMON process. Featuring a propeller shaped for optimum flow/homogenization, the POP-I mixes the DEMON process' anammox biomass in a versatile on/off operation, kicking in automatically for the non-aeration cycle.

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