A selection of events related to the water and wastewater industry in 2009 can be found here.

Calendar of Events

A selection of events related to the water and wastewater industry in 2009 can be found here.

For a full list, visit: www.wwinternational.com and click on the Events tab at the top of the page.

July 3-5 – 2nd Int’l Conference on Water Economics Statistics & Finance / Asset Management of Medium & Small Wastewater Utilities, Alexandroupolis, Greece: www.soc.uoc.gr/iwa and iwasam.env.duth.gr

July 8 – Water & Planning in Sustainable Development, London: www.coastms.co.uk

July 12-14 – 5th Conference of Aseanian Membrane Society, Kobe, Japan: www.pac.ne.jp/ams5/

July 20-24 – Wastewater Treatment Plant Planning & Design, Bangkok, Thailand: www.technobiz-asia.com/Training.html

July 26-29 – Microconstituents & Industrial Water Quality Conference, Baltimore, USA: www.wef.org

Aug. 4-6 – 4th ISA Water/Wastewater Automatic Controls Division Symposium, Orlando, USA: www.isa.org/wwac

Aug. 8-11 – Sustainable Management of Water & Wastewater Sludges, Harbin, China: iwasludge2009.org.cn

Aug. 16-22 – World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden: www.worldwaterweek.org

Aug. 18-21 – World City Water Forum 2009, Songdo City, South Korea: www.wcwf2009.org

Aug. 24-Sept. 4 – Advanced Studies Certificate in IWRM, Bern, Switzerland: www.ahb.bfh.ch/ahb/en/Weiterbildung/cas/

Aug. 27-29 – MWH Soft Int’l User Group Conference, Reno, USA: www.mwhsoft.com/iugc2009

Aug. 31-Sept. 3 – 19th Ozone World Congress, Tokyo: www.ioa-ea3g.org

Sept. 1-3 – Computing & Control in the Water Industry, Sheffield, UK: www.shef.ac.uk/ccwi

Sept. 1-3 – 5th IWA Membrane Conference for Water & Wastewater Treatment, Beijing: www.iwa-mtc2009.org

Sept. 3-4 – UNESCO Water Utilities and Law Conference, Dundee, Scotland: www.dundee.ac.uk/water/news/waterutilities.php

Sept. 6-9 – 1st IWA Development Congress, Mexico City: www.iwa2009mexico.org

Sept. 6-9 – 2nd IWA Specialized Conference on Nutrient Management in Wastewater Treatment, Krakow, Poland: www.bnr-iwa2009.pl

Sept. 6-10 – EuroMembrane, Montpellier, France: euromembrane2009.enscm.fr

Sept. 7-11 – 8th Int’l Conference on Urban Drainage Modeling / 2nd Int’l Conference on Rainwater Harvesting, Tokyo: www.env.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/8udm and www.rwhm2009.org

Sept. 12-16 – Biofilm Processes: Fundamentals to Applications, Davis, California, USA: iwabiofilm2009@ucdavis.edu

Sept. 13-16 – 24th Annual WateReuse Symposium, Seattle, USA: www.watereuse.org

Sept. 17-19 – PS China 2009, Shanghai: www.psseries.com/china

Sept. 21-23 – 5th World Congress on UV Technology, Amsterdam: www.iuva.org

Sept. 21-25 – Reuse09, Brisbane, Australia: www.reuse09.org

Sept. 23-25 – 10th Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, Lisbon, Portugal: www.gcet2009.com

Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – Enviro-Pro/WaterMex 2009, Mexico City: www.enviropro.com.mx

Sept. 30-Oct. 2 – WaterMed 2009, Rome, Italy: www.watermed.com

Sept. 30-Oct. 2 – 1st Int’l Seminar on Environmental Issues in the Mining Industry, Santiago, Chile: www.enviromine2009.com

Oct. 4-8 – Int’l Water Conference, Orlando, USA: www.eswp.com/water/

Oct. 6-7 – 24th Int’l Activated Carbon Conference, Pittsburgh, USA: pacslabs.com

Oct. 6-8 – ISA Expo 2009, Houston, USA: www.isa.org

Oct. 7-9 – Power-Gen Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: www.powergenasia.com

Oct. 11-14 – Saudi Water & Power Forum, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: www.ksawpf.com

Oct. 12-15 – 13th Int’l Conference on Diffuse Pollution & Integrated Watershed Management, Seoul, South Korea: www.dipcon2009.org

Oct. 14-16 – Water & Membrane China 2009, Beijing: www.wmc-china.com

Oct. 10-14 – WEFTEC.09, Orlando, USA: www.weftec.org

Oct. 18-22 – 3rd IWA-ASPIRE Conference & Exhibition: Working for Asian-Pacific Water Sustainability, Taipei City, Taiwan: www.aspire2009.org

Oct. 25-28 – 5th IWA Conference on Efficient Use & Management of Urban Water Supply, Sydney, Australia: www.efficient2009.com

Oct. 27-28 – 8th Aachen Conference on Water and Membranes, Aachen, Germany: www.avt.rwth-aachen.de/AVT/index.php?id=444&L=1

Oct. 27-29 – L.A.B. 2009, Birmingham, UK: www.lab-uk.co.uk

Oct. 29-30 – Water & Energy - Mitigation in the Water Sector & Potential Synergies with the Energy Sector, Copenhagen, Denmark: www.iwawaterandenergy2009.org

Nov. 3-5 – 5th Algeria Electricity & Water Expo, Algiers: www.new-fields.com/aew5/

Nov. 3-5 – WonderWorld 2009 North American Conference, Anaheim, USA: www.wonderware.com/wworld09

Nov. 7-12 – IDA World Desalination Congress, Dubai: www.idadesal.org

Nov. 11-13 – 3rd Conference on Decentralized Water & Wastewater International Network, Kathmandu, Nepal: www.iwa.nepaliko.com

Nov. 17-19 – WATEC, Tel Aviv: www.watec-israel.com

Nov. 17-19 – ChemShow, New York City: www.chemshow.com

Dec. 1-4 – Pollutec, Paris: www.pollutec.com

Dec. 8-10 – Power-Gen Int’l, Las Vegas, USA: www.power-gen.com

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