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Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) has designed Water Application Value Engine (WAVE) - a digital modeling tool for evaluating components as well as designing water treatment systems.

Pall Filters

Cloud water system software

Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) has designed Water Application Value Engine (WAVE) - a digital modeling tool for evaluating components as well as designing water treatment systems. Following a beta-launch to a pilot group of customers, it is expected to launch commercially in 2015. The modeling software combines ultrafiltration modules (UF), reverse osmosis membranes (RO) and ion exchange resins (IX) into one fully integrated tool that enables users to project water quality predictions for single or multiple unit water treatment designs using DW&PS technologies. The technology uses a hydraulic modeling calculation engine to configure water treatment components. It can also deliver water quality predictions for multiple components simultaneously. An IBM cloud platform will host the modeling program, which will allow users to operate the tool on a variety of devices: both Windows and Mac computers, tablets, and even mobile devices.

Filter element upgrade for oilPall Filters

Pall Corporation has launched its Coralon hydraulic and lube oil filter element range, a direct upgrade for Pall's Ultipor and Red1000 series filters.

Coralon filter elements incorporate a new medium pack construction that benefits from Stress-Resistant filter medium Technology (SRT) along with other material upgrades to provide improved fluid cleanliness, enhanced fluid cleanliness sustainability, and lower clean pressure drop while providing equivalent service life of its Ultipor predecessor.

Coralon filter elements are the same form, fit, and function, including fluid and temperature compatibility for the current Ultipor medium filter elements, which will be removed from Pall's production schedules over the coming months. Coralon also upgrades alternative filter elements retrofitted into original Pall filter housings to return hydraulic and lubrication systems back to a cleaner and more consistent fluid cleanliness, according to the firm.

Fine filter proven for wastewater treatment in ScotlandCleantech Scotland

A partnership between Applied CleanTech (ACT) and Scottish Water has generated what is being called "promising results". Using ACT's Sewage Recycling System, the trial has seen a fine filter being used to capture cellulose and some of the oils, fats and grease coming into the wastewater treatment works. Solids are then pasteurised producing a pellet material called Recyllose. These pellets could then be used as a raw material in paper, plastic, construction, energy and other industries. George Ponton, head of innovation at Scottish Water, said: "The ACT system also reduces Scottish Water's carbon footprint and emissions by using less power and resources, and increases the lifespan of the equipment we use to treat wastewater. Overall the addition of the process may reduce operating costs between 20% and 30%. The potential savings are passed on to customers by keeping their water and wastewater charges low."

Activated sludge "cake filtration" technology attracts grant

A S$1.4 (US$1.1) million grant has been awarded by the Singapore Environment and Water Industry Programme Office to develop a novel wastewater filtration process that turns activated sludge into a filtration medium. Global pump company Grundfos will develop the four-stage technology that uses the unique physico-chemical properties of this material to construct filters.

Weak acid cation exchange resin production boosted in Germany

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has inaugurated a new production line at its largest site worldwide in Leverkusen for the production of the Lewatit premium brand of weak acid cation exchange resins. Weak acid cation exchange resins are predominantly used in cartridges for household water filters and in installed domestic water systems, which are becoming increasingly popular. They remove calcium and magnesium ions.

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