AUMA Electric Actuators Selected for Advanced WWTP

AUMA's latest water industry contract has been secured with Steinhäule wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Ulm, Germany.

Auma Sandfilter

AUMA's latest water industry contract has been secured with Steinhäule wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Ulm, Germany. Over one hundred of the company's modular electric actuators have been supplied to provide fully automated sewage water control within the activated carbon system of the WWTP. A primary objective of the pioneering installation is to eliminate drug residues, hormones and biocidal products from wastewater

The new purification facility includes several contact reactor basins in which activated carbon is mixed with wastewater. The sophisticated scheme also features a sedimentation basin and sand filter with 20 filter chambers.

At the inauguration of the plant, which was attended by AUMA representatives, Franz Untersteller, environmental minister of Baden-Württemberg confirmed the project is one of Germany's largest and most advanced schemes of its kind. He reflected on the significance of the plant, reporting that annually 400 cubic metres of sewage water produced by around 440,000 inhabitants of the Ulm region are treated by the facility.

Reliability and robustness for outdoor operation and low operating costs were key factors that led to AUMA being awarded the prestigious electric actuator contract. Latest control technology also appealed to the customer as actuators were easily integrated via PROFIBUS into the central process control system and line topology implementation reduced cable length requirements to a minimum.

AUMA, a global leader in the manufacturer of modular electric actuators, has supplied the water and wastewater industry with innovative solutions for more than 50 years. From its earliest trading days in the 1960's, AUMA identified the water industry as a primary market for its electric actuators. Key trends identified include the need for long-term partnerships and local support. A continuing requirement for modular solutions and a growing demand for preventative maintenance capabilities have also been observed. Visit AUMA at Wasser Berlin: Hall 4.2 Booth 321. Visit:

Auma Sandfilter

Electric actuators supplied by AUMA in the activated carbon system's sand filter at Steinhäule sewage treatment plant, Ulm (Germany)

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