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Layne enters oil & gas water treatment business

Layne Christensen Company has launched a water transfer business within the Layne Energy Services Division. Layne is currently providing these services for its clients operating in the Permian Basin.

The business will provide solutions to manage the water cycle as it relates to its use in the oil & gas industry (conventional and unconventional).

This includes hydrogeological investigation and sourcing; transfer; storage; treatment; and well testing.

The transfer business transmits water from point-to-point using a variety of piping, containment, and management techniques that are efficient, cost-effective and eliminate the need for trucking.

Rene Robichaud, president and CEO of Layne said the move is part of the goal to generate $20 million in revenue at Layne Energy Services by year-end.

Stormwater management system installed at $450m Florida ultra-green development

A stormwater management-rainwater harvesting system and solar panel array has been installed as part of Tampa Bay Housing Authority's new $450 million Ultra-Green Inner-City Development known as “Encore Tampa" in Florida.

The new venture is a 28-acre sustainable, mixed-use development located under the new community park that controls and harvests stormwater runoff to irrigate the new green space park.

Oldcastle Precast designed and provided the modular underground retention structure for the new stormwater management system, engineered by Clearwater, Florida-based Cardno TBE, to store, treat and harvest stormwater runoff on the 28 acre Encore site. The precast concrete Storm Capture retention system manages and controls the volume and discharge timing of stormwater runoff. The engineered design maximizes storage volume while minimizing the project's footprint and cost, allowing for a quick and efficient installation.

The 18,000 square foot, stormwater retention-harvesting system includes a Storm Capture vault composed of (146) 10' tall Storm Capture modules that can hold up to 33,000 cubic feet of water before recycling it for irrigation use, (2) Nutrient Separating Baffle Boxes (by Suntree Technologies) with adjacent sediment chambers for pretreatment, and a harvesting & irrigation equipment assembly (by John Deere -- Green Tech). All surface stormwater is collected from the site, piped into the Nutrient Separating Baffle boxes and sediment chambers, and stored in the Storm Capture modules for irrigating the site landscape.

Oldcastle Precast also supplied precast perimeter walls for the sand filter assembly, precast ramp assembly for equipment access into the sand filter, sanitary manholes and inlets.

Their sister company Oldcastle APG supplied 120,000 square feet of Belgard Hardscapes pavers and block for intricate hardscape paver walkways and permeable pavers for the center median of the main thoroughfare to reduce the heat island effect and aid in stormwater management.

Dissolved air flotation clarification system used at IL water treatment plant

An $8 million, year-long project to construct a new water treatment plant in Staunton, Illinois, that uses dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarification system to remove algae at the beginning of the treatment process, has been completed by Kaiser Electric.

Approximately 80% of the facility is located underground, with major structures and piping out of view and designed to blend in with its surroundings. The company said: “The DAF system drastically reduces the need for expensive treatment chemicals often used in a traditional sedimentary process."

The total project included construction of one building to house the water treatment plant and installation of the Clari-DAF system, three dual media gravity filters, one standby generator, one bridge crane, one buried sand wastewater filter, one chemical feed system, two high service pumps. It also included the installation of pipe for process sewers, storm sewers, chemical feed, process water, potable water, non-potable water and sludge.

The general contractor on the Staunton project was Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc. of Highland, Illinois and the architect/engineer was Heneghan & Associates of Columbia, Illinois.

Field notes

Brazil industrial water reuse contract secured by Irish firm

Water and waste processingcompany CDEnviro has secured its first major contract in Brazil. The project will see CDEnviro supply equipment to be applied in the removal of soils used in tomato processing from the water stream of a client that is said to be one of the largest food producers in the world.

Peru's new WWTP construction under way

Construction of Peru's La Chira new wastewater treatment plant will boost the Peruvian capital of Lima ahead of other South American cities, according to President Ollanta Humala. The facility is set to treat 100% of the wastewater produced in Lima and 30% of that produced in the country overall.

Wastewater from 18 districts will be treated at a cost of 531 million soles ($191 million) through a concession awarded to the private consortium La Chira. The facility, to be built by Spain's Acciona and Peru's Graña y Montero, will be ready by the end of 2014, with full capacity of 11.3 m3/s.

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