Water filtration/reuse contracts worth $20m awarded to Evoqua across US

Six municipalities have selected Evoqua to deliver filtration, water reuse, drinking water treatment and reverse-osmosis pre-treatment technology in contracts worth a total of $20 million...

Six municipalities have selected Evoqua to deliver filtration, water reuse, drinking water treatment and reverse-osmosis pre-treatment applications in contracts worth a total of $20 million.

Awarded to Evoqua’s municipal products and services division, the contracts include the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ), Canada; Port Townsend, Washington; Genesee, Colorado; Terminal Island, California; Morgantown, West Virginia and the county of Hawaii.

For the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) project in Canada, Evoqua will supply two Memcor submerged packaged XS48 units, along with pre-treatment to the membrane system which includes Envirex Products' Folded Flow Dissolved Aeration Floatation units and a packaged clarification system. The new plant will treat 370,000 gallons/day (16.1 L/sec) of raw water from the Bay of Quinte.

As part of its first Memcor CPII ultrafiltration system installed in the state of Colorado, Evoqua will deliver the technology to Genesee.

In Port Townsend, Evoqua will provide its Memcor CP 2.95 million gallons/day drinking water system designed with gravity head driven configuration for low energy consumption and operational costs.

The Terminal Island project is the third phase expansion of a major water reclamation facility serving the Los Angeles market.

A new 23.5 million gallon/day MemPulse® MBR system will be constructed in Morgantown. Initial equipment supply will be for a 12.8 million gallons maximum per day and an average day capacity of nine million gallons per day.

Finally, Evoqua will supply its Memcor® CS System for the county of Hawaii Department of Water Supply's Waimea water treatment plant upgrade. Bodell Construction was awarded a contract to upgrade the 60-year old Waimea surface water treatment plant with submerged membranes, increasing the capacity of this drinking water plant to four million gallons/day.


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