Activated carbon to reduce micropollutants in Swiss wastewater treatment plant extension

Swiss wastewater association GVRZ has awarded Pöyry with the engineering and site supervision services assignment for the extension of its Schönau wastewater treatment plant...

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Wastewater association Gewässerschutzverband der Region Zugersee, Küssnachtersee, Aegerisee (GVRZ) has awarded Pöyry with the engineering and site supervision services assignment for the extension of its Schönau wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Switzerland.

The value of the order was not disclosed but includes a new treatment process unit for the elimination of organic micropollutants.

The Schönau WWTP is legally required to upgrade and enhance its treatment scheme for organic trace substances to ensure the future protection of surface water and groundwater.

An additional powdered activated carbon unit followed by sand filtration will reduce the micropollutants by more than 80%.

Once the new treatment unit is implemented, the Schönau WWTP will be one of the first of around 100 treatment works in Switzerland to meet the new effluent standards required from 2016 by Swiss legislation.

Pöyry's assignment consists of basic engineering, construction permission, tendering, detailed engineering, construction management and site supervision services, as well as support services for the commissioning and plant startup.

The order will be recognised within the Regional Operations Business Group order stock in Q1/2016.

GVRZ is a large interregional wastewater association that provides surface water protection and wastewater treatment for the central part of Switzerland, servicing more than 145,000 inhabitants.


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