Desalitech reverse osmosis to help Chinese aluminium manufacturer achieve ZLD

Aluminium company Novelis has awarded Desalitech a contract to supply a high efficiency ultrapure water treatment system for a production facility in Changzhou, China...

Feb 10th, 2016
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Aluminium company Novelis has awarded Desalitech a contract to supply a high efficiency ultrapure water treatment system for a production facility in Changzhou, China.

The Changzhou plant is Novelis’ first aluminum automotive sheet manufacturing facility in China with a set requirement for a new zero liquid discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment installation.

The Novelis facility provides customers in China and abroad with automotive sheet for use in lightweight structures and body panels.

Water is used in multiple processes throughout the manufacturing plant, producing wastewater streams that are collected and treated with biological, chemical and membrane filtration followed by reverse osmosis.

The supplies system is designed to help Novelis comply with a local ordinance requiring zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) for applicable process wastewaters.

Desalitech said its ReFlex reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system will reduce wastewater generation by over 70% compared to what a traditional RO system would generate, minimising brine flow to and the cost of the downstream evaporator.

The two-pass ReFlex RO system is designed to operate at 90% recovery on the first pass and 95% recovery on the second pass, sending the permeate to an ultrapure process water and to cooling towers.

Desalitech said the ReFlex systems will also “require up to 35% less energy to operate and provide greater resistance to the fouling and scaling that typically plague RO systems in wastewater applications”.

Last week the Boston company signed an agreement with Pall Corporation (read IWW article).


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