Johns Hopkins to host Water Resources Planning Seminar

University's engineering programs for professionals and Army Corps of Engineers planning graduate-level seminar to focus on growing need for better water resource management Jan. 23-27...

BALTIMORE, Dec. 15, 2005 -- Registration is under way for a week-long graduate-level seminar in water resources planning that will be hosted in January by The Johns Hopkins University Engineering and Applied Science Programs for Professionals (EPP) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The seminar is open to professional civil and environmental engineers and planners in the Baltimore-Washington area who wish to study and explore current issues and challenges in water resources planning. It is offered through Johns Hopkins' Environmental Engineering, Science and Management Program and is also designed to serve as the capstone course for the Corps-sponsored advanced degree programs at five universities.

The program will be held Jan. 23-27 at Johns Hopkins' Mount Washington Conference Center in Baltimore. The seminar and a follow-up two-month online course, designed for Corps planners, are open to other students and professionals with the necessary academic credentials in water resources planning and management. Those who would like to attend the seminar but not participate in the online course also are welcome.

According to John J. Boland, a Johns Hopkins professor emeritus and EPP's coordinator for the course, the seminar is a proactive step between academia and the Corps to improve retention of its most skilled planners, to create incentives for its existing employees and to train a future workforce. "This is a unique opportunity for water management students and professionals from across the U.S. to come together with some of the top water resource experts in the country and objectively look at some very critical challenges," he said.

Boland said that attendees who complete the online course will be working on an existing Corps project. For more information on the seminar and online course, contact Boland at 410-235-5515 or go to the web site at

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