APWA Commends House for passage of bill against Clean Water Rule

The bill was previously passed in the Senate in November, 2015, and is headed to the President’s desk.

WASHINGTON D.C. Jan. 15, 2016 – The American Public Works Association (APWA) commends the bipartisan passage of the U.S. House of Representatives’ bill, (S.J. Res. 22), a resolution blocking the U.S. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers’ proposed rule, known as “Definition of ‘Waters of the United States’ Under the Clean Water Act.”

The bill was previously passed in the Senate in November, 2015, and is headed to the President’s desk. “APWA commends the House for passing the bill to block the Waters of the U.S. or WOTUS rule, , which webelieve arbitrarily expands the scope of the Clean Water Act to water bodies not previously under federal jurisdiction,” said APWA President Brian Usher, PWLF, Public Works Director of Largo, FL. “APWA is an organization of over 29,000 public works professionals who protect the nation’s surface water and groundwater, which are essential to the public health and quality of life for our citizens. We believe the adoption of the rule as proposed will greatly impact project development and operations for public works departments across the country,” Usher said, APWA members play a critical role in providing clean and safe water for their communities, whether large or small, urban or rural. “APWA is particularly concerned about the impact of the proposed rule on smaller U.S. communities,” Usher said. “And, two other specific areas that are identified as causes for concern include expanded jurisdiction over ditches, and the need for the proposed rule to be clear that separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) and other stormwater management programs are excluded from regulations as Waters of the United States.”

As partners in protecting America’s water resources, APWA has signed on with other national organizations to stress the importance of federal, state and local governments working together to craft reasonable rules and regulations, to have a clear understanding of the vast impact that a change to the definition of ‘Waters of theU.S.’ will have on aspects of the Clean Water Act. “To that end, APWA commends the House bill that blocks this WOTUS ruling, and addresses specific concerns with the proposed rule,” Usher said. “We remain concerned about the direct and indirect impacts of the proposed rule on state and local governments.”

About APWA
The American Public Works Association (www.apwa.net) is a not-for-profit, international organization of more than 29,000 members involved in the field of public works. APWA serves its members by promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge. APWA is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, has an office in Washington, D.C. and 63 chapters in North America.

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