Snyder allocates $165M more for Flint in state budget

The total expenditure on the lead-tainted water crisis now sits at at least $240 million.

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LANSING, MI, JUNE 29, 2016 -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed the state's budget bill today, more than tripling spending on the water crisis in Flint.

The $38.6 billion bill includes $165 million more for Flint, bringing the total expenditure on the lead-tainted water crisis to at least $240 million. According to the Associated Press, the total is about $165 million more than the $75 million previously approved by the governor and lawmakers.

The funding will be used partially to begin replacing underground lead pipes that connect water mains with houses and buildings. Additionally, the moeny will be applied to ongoing water bill credits that residents and businesses currently receive dating from the start of the crisis to whenever it ends.

The spending is also earmarked for children; subsidizing child care, providing healthy food to reduce lead poisoning risks and covering psychotherapy sessions to those affected by the crisis.

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