NAWC celebrates Drinking Water Week

The National Association of Water Companies celebraties Drinking Water Week, May 1-7, to recognize the essential role water has in our daily lives.

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WASHINGTON, May 4, 2016 -- This week the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) toasts clean, safe and reliable drinking water in celebration of Drinking Water Week. Observed May 1-7, 2016, Drinking Water Week provides both water professionals and the communities they serve an opportunity to come together to recognize the essential role water has in our daily lives.

“Drinking Water Week is a time to reflect on the value of water and the complex infrastructure that delivers drinking water to our homes and communities,” said Michael Deane, NAWC’s executive director. “Each of us is responsible for using this precious resource wisely, and it is imperative communities continue to invest in the vast network of water infrastructure upon which we all rely.”

Private water companies continuously provide more than 73 million people with clean, reliable water service, and have been recognized by American Water Intelligence for their consistent adherence to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), private water systems produce 4.6 billion gallons of water every day, or about 1.7 trillion gallons per year.

The private water industry is also playing an important role in improving the country’s water infrastructure. The five largest private water companies in the United States alone invest nearly $2 billion every year to improve community tap water systems across the nation.

Drinking Water Week is an important reminder to every community that more needs to be done to improve and replace water infrastructure as the country continues to face new water challenges. One proven solution is public-private partnerships. Private water companies work together with municipalities throughout the nation through public-private partnerships, providing ready access to capital, expertise, technology and operational acumen. According to Public Works Financing (March 2016), private water companies renewed contracts with municipalities at a rate of 90 percent in 2015.

About the NAWC
The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) is the voice of the private water industry and the organization exclusively representing this group of quality water service providers, innovation drivers, creative financiers and responsible partners. To learn more about NAWC, visit or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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